How To Use A Chocolate Mould

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Before using your chocolate mould make sure it is clean, dry and grease free. To ensure a shiny finish on your chocolate polish the chocolate mould with cotton wool before use.
Melt your chocolate in a basin over a pan of simmering water and stir until melted.
Pour the chocolate into the mould tipping from side to side to    ensure all surfaces are covered until you have reached your  required thickness, it is advisable to give at least 3 coats allowing each coat to set before applying the next. To ensure your mould has thick edges you can use a paint brush/ pastry brush to ensure a thick and even coat around the whole mould.
When the chocolate has set, it should come away easily from the mould, be careful not to handle the chocolate too much or handle in hot conditions.
To join 2 halves together either melt the edges of each chocolate half on a warm surface until they start to melt then join the moulds together. Alternatively you can apply a small amount of melted chocolate to each mould edge then join together.
Top Tips
These moulds are also suitable for use with sugarwork and almond paste.
Do not fill with substances over 70 degrees
Not suitable for use in a dishwasher

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