How To Use Nail Junkies Nail Decals

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This Is A Guide On How To Use Our Decals That You Can Purchase From Our eBay Shop For Only £1.50 A Sheet

5 Steps To Perfectly Polished Nails

*Apply A Base Coat And A Colour (Or Leave Clear)

*Cut Out Chosen Decals And Hold It In Water For 30 Seconds To 1 Min.

*Slip The Decal Of The Backing Paper (If It Doesn't Come Off Soak It For A Little Longer Until It Does)

*Apply To Nail And Leave To Dry (Depending On Nail Polish This Can Take Up To 15 Min)

*Apply A Top Coat To Seal In The Decal (This Is Very Important Because When You Wash Your Hands The Decals Will Come Off If You Don't Apply A Top Coat)

Perfect Nails

Trouble Shooting

*The Decal Is Bleeding In To The Top Coat

-You Need To Leave It A Little Longer To Sink In 1st

*The Decal Is Curling Up At The Edges

-It Is To Dry Just Add A Drop Of Water And It Will Flatten Out

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