How To Use Votive Candles

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Votive Scented Candle Guide.

How To Burn Safetly.

Votive candles are about 4 inches tall and push a surprising amount of fragrance. One votive being enough to fragrance a medium size room.
Although they may look like pillar candles they should be treated completely differently. Pillar candles are made from much harder wax and are designed to burn stand alone, although you may wish to burn them on a tray. Burning a Votive candle in a suitable holder is an absolute must. To get such a large amount of fragrance from a relatively small candle votives are designed to liquify as they burn, so this is where they differ froim their larger cousins the Pillar, they are made from soft wax. If, when you get a votive and lit it you didn't place it in a suitable holder you'll end up with a major wax melt down which could be potentially dangerous, at the very least it could ruin your favourit antique side-board!

A typical votive candle. These are sometimes referred to as samplers.

 A suitable holder.

Remember as the candle burns it liquifies, so once in a holder such as the one above the candle will melt in the holder. Once it's extinguished the wax will re-set and be ready again to by burned. These typically last 15 hours.

Once you have finished with the votives the holder can be easily washed through with warm soapy water. Please remember not to was candle wax down the sink as it can cause blockages.

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