How To Use Wax Tarts

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Wax Tarts, wax pot pourri or wax melts as they're sometimes known, are one of the top selling scented wax items. They are available in 100s different fragrances, one to suit any mood. Many eBayers sell them, so what are they and how are they used? One of the first things to know is that they're not a candle as such, in that they don't actually have a wick.

If they don't have a wick - how are they burned? Well they're not! Wax tarts are actually small beads of wax conpressed together into a tart shape, hence the name. To release their scent they are metled in a tart burner.

Here's a picture of a Wax Tart:


You burn it in one of these (a Wax Tart Burner):

Some wax tarts arrived wrapped and need to be unwrapped prior to melting. Some burners are large enough to burn 2 wax tarts if you're feeling extravegant. You can also mix fragrances if you wish by either placing 2 difference wax tarts, or maybe 2 halves of different wax tarts. 

  1. Place the unwrapped wax tart into the well (top) of the tart burner.
  2. Insert an unscented tealight into the base of the burner (around the back of this tart burner there's a hole were the tealight can be easily inserted and lit.
  3. Light the tealight.

As the wax tart melts it releases its fragrance, it really is as simple as that!



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