How To Use Your Oil Torch Safely

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Think Safety

If you have purchased, or are considering purchasing an oil torch to brighten up your garden or to disperse nuisance flying bugs Please Keep Safety In Mind when using your new product.  The following information applies not only for oil torches supplied by us but to all products fuelled with paraffin, citronella, lamp oil etc both modern and antique. Not all oil torches are the same but the basic wick raising methods described will still apply.
When filling oil lamps, oil lanterns, oil torches etc for safeties sake it is important that you never fill the oil container right to the top.  A lamp should never be more than ¾ full and always well below the filling aperture.  When a lantern has reached its operating temperature the fuel oil will have expanded and if the level is too high it could be forced out round burner fittings or filler bungs and become a fire hazard.
To adjust and position the wick on your new oil lantern to your requirement, making sure it is not hot from recent use simply unscrew and remove the burner.  The wick can then be easily pushed up or pulled down.  On some lamps this can be done without having to remove the burner but usually wicks are quite tight.  The wick should not be raised any higher than the top of the burner cage (which will be in place with most quality modern torches) as this could cause unnecessary charring and smoking.  Please, however, experiment with the wick height inside the burner cage to find the flame quality which suits you best.
Observe these simple rules and you and your oil torch should last a long time and be absolutely safe.

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