How To Write An Ebay Advert

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Do you want to be able to sell your goods quickly and without hassle?

Follow these simple steps to achieve great sales and good relationships with potential and current customers on ebay.

1. Market Research. This is very easy, simply type your item into the ebay search bar. Review similar items and there adverts and pricing. 

2. Be competitive. Have a lower price to undercut your competition and get those all important page views. Include a link on your advert or a simply message that encourages your viewers to take a look at your other items.

3. Photos. Much like eating, the customer first eats with their eyes. Include several images of your item, focusing on the important aspects. Never use images that are out of focus as this shows a lack of care to your work and does reflect badly on buyers. Stand back, focus your camera under good lighting and with a neutral backdrop. Anything that causes the buyer to look at anything else other than your item, isn't a good thing. Don't use other ebay members images without proper permission. Infringing on others work will get you into trouble.

4. Title. Say what it is and be a little pretentious, it's ok, you won't people to look at your adverts instead of all the others. For example, You could write "Brown Coat For Sale" or "Fantastic Designer Brown Coat As New". Which of those would you rather look at?

5. Description. Be honest and entirely truthful, if you don't know if it works then say so. Mention the damage or signs of use (If any). If you don't mention that an item is damaged or used, you could end up with Bad feedback. Buyers want a personal experience, write the advert as if the buyer is standing next to you. Write as though you are speaking to a customer and not an idiot. Be optimistic and describe your item as though the sun is out and you are the happiest person in the world (Figuratively speaking). You would rather buy an item from a happy sounding seller than a grumpy so and so.

These points are a good basis for any seller, of any item.
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