How To get a free XBOX 360

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This is a way of getting a free X-BOX 360, no scam, no catch.


Even the BBC had a section on it which you could find on youtube or read the story on the BBC website so this is completetly real.
What you have to do is sign up to one of the offers through this link:(if the link doesnt work just copy n paste the url)

Now sign up and then complete one of the offers.

Lovefilm has a free two week trial, they might ask for bank details  but they will take nothing from your account if you cancel it within two weeks. You can get "Dont stop me now" the TOP GEAR BOOK FOR FREE you just have to pay for the p&p at £1.99, the book is worth £12.99. . Aol is doing a free trial aswell, if you cancel your deal before the trial expires you will get charged nothing!

you need to sign up to a deal and then get 9 referrals, get people to sign up using your unique link or it wont count. 
Once you have referred 9 other people thats it you get a free x-box 360.

People are very cautious about things like this but this is for REAL! Here check out the  BBC NEWSNIGHT coverage(copy n paste url),

 its the same concept but instead of an i-pod its an xbox 360.
 Well thats it really all you gotta do is sign up(copy and paste the url if link doesnt work)

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