How can I attach a my digital camera to the scope?

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There is an increasing requirement for attaching a digital camera to a telescope to take pictures of distant objects through the scope. You can achieve this purchase by one of the following methods:

a. Simply hold the camera against your telescope's eyepiece and take pictures;

b. Mount the camera on a tripod next to the telescope eyepiece;

c. Use one of the universal camera adaptors to attach your camera to the scope;

d. Use one of the DSLR camera adaptors that fits your camera model;

e. Use digital eyepiece EE300 which takes pictures and video footage through the scope and saves the files directly to computer.

Please note that most spotting scopes are constructed with built-in zoom eyepieces which are not supposed to be removed from the main scope body. To attach your camera to such a spotting scope, therefore, you would need either a universal camera adaptor, a 1.25" T-adaptor set or 2" T-adaptor set depending on your camera/telescope systems.

For your information, the Nipon 800x80 compact scope has been built with standard 1.25" eyepiece holder for easy connection to DSLR camera adaptors as well as to a range of standard 1.25" eyepieces. There is also a threaded section on top of this eyepiece holder for the connection of camera T-rings and T-adaptors. This is a unique feature for this scope model.

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