How can I clean my corsets?

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It is not a good idea to wash your corsets frequently because this will kill the shape and the garment.

If the label on the garment says Dry Clean only, then you are better to look around and see which dry clean shop knows how to handle a piece of corset. This is because not all of them understand how delicate a corset is.

If the label says Hand Wash, or for those with no label :P, then you are able to hand wash it with mild soap in very cold water. Dry it by gently rolling a towel. Then hang ina ventilated area. Do not squeeze it or turbo dry it. Do not store your corset afterwashing without 100% dry up.

You can also try to wear a light underneath their corsets to absorb excess oils or sweats or smell. Alternatively you can put some lavender or cedar and flax when you are storing them in your closet, they will help to absorb extra moisture and keep your garments smell wonderful

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