How can I improve my truck, bus, coach or lorry MPG?

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How can I improve my truck, bus, coach or lorry MPG? 
It's a no brainer but of course be gentle with the accelerator and the brake!
Find a local tyre and exhaust centre and have them do a free check that the tyres are correctly inflated and aligned properly (examine tread pattern for unusual wear pattern - bad alignment is like dragging the tyres sideways for 20 miles and wastes a lot of fuel).  While the car is on the hoist, have them spin the wheels and listen for scraping, dragging brake pads that can indicate a seized caliper (one dragging pad can cost 2-4mpg). 
Use a good fuel treatment (STP, Wynns, Unipart, Forte) to clean the injectors' fuel line etc to get rid of moisture. 
Check the EGR valve is clean and not stuck closed or open. An EGR valve stuck open makes the engine run cold and erratically. An EGR valve stuck closed causes overheating and destroys turbo seals and causes emissions problems. 
Install a new fuel filter (often overlooked but a major problem in high mpg in modern cars and causes many injector problems). 
Check the injector spray pattern is ok. 
Find your radio/immobiliser code and then have your mechanic disconnect/reconnect the battery to reset the engine computer, which should cure any over-fuelling problem. 
Over-fuelling washes and scores the cylinder bores which increases friction and causes high fuel consumption.
Assuming all the above have been checked and are fine, and assuming also that you have no broken parts in your engine e.g. piston rings, cracked pistons etc., if your MPG is still high it is probably down to a worn engine, and we would recommend a litre of Ametech Engine Restore in a 10litre diesel.
Editors note: If you used to go up a certain hill in 4th, fully loaded, but now find you have to change down to 3rd or even to 2nd, then you definitely need a litre of Ametech Engine Restore. After a few hundred miles you will be roaring up the same hill in 4th or even 5th. A worn truck diesel pulling a full load at 1800rpm in 4th gear can soon be pulling the same load on the same road at 1400rpm in 5th or 6th due to Ametech Engine Restore improving and balancing the cylinder compression thus giving near original torque and it is torque that lowers RPM and hence fuel consumption.        

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