How can I make sure my new furniture will fit?

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Furnishings can be awkward for couriers and, worst of all, it can be a real bind when the sofa you set your heart on is so large you cant open your door properly or the coffe table you fell in love with stops you from putting your feet on the floor;  so here we have some tips to help when choosing your furniture.
  • Measure the area where your new furniture will be going. Consider the positioning of exsisting doors, fires, radiators, fitted furniture, windows and alcoves to ensure items fit seemlessly into your home.
  • Consider the length, width and depth of the new furniture, map out your room to scale if necessary. is a free to sign up tool that can be used for exactly this purpose. There are other similar tools available on the web as well as smart phone apps. Input your dimensions and off you go.
  • Check the height and width of the doorways, hallways, corridors and other available points of entry into the house and room of choice.
  • Assess any tight corners, twists and turns between the best point of access and the room you want your furniture in.
  • Sometimes stairs that appear quite spacious have low ceilings or boxed in sections that can inhibit access to your furniture so take careful consideration to these areas.
  • How does the furniture compare to the item (if any) that it is replacing. Remember that with odd shaped items like sofas, something as simple as the height of the arm can make all the difference so check out and compare as many dimensions as possible.
  • If you live in a flat or an apartment, do you only have access through a lift? If so, be sure to check the furniture will fit in the lift.
  • Often the best point of access to the room/house is through patio doors that are usually located to the rear. In this case consider the access to the rear of the house.
For help with any items being purchased through lindsaysfurnitureclearanceoutlet or  you can email us at 
please send as much information as possible including diagrams and dimensions to enable us to make an accurate appraisal.
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