How can I perform a recovery on my VAIO PCG-C1VFK

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This procedure deletes ALL data stored on your hard disk drive.

Backup all important data before going further.

Restore BIOS defaults:

3.       Start or restart your VAIO.

4.       When you see the Sony logo, press F2 repeatedly to enter the BIOS.

5.       Once in the BIOS, insert the first recovery CD in the CD-ROM drive.

6.       Press F9 to restore the default values.

7.       When asked to confirm, press ENTER.

8.       Press F10 to save the configuration and exit the BIOS.

9.       When asked to confirm, press ENTER again.

10.    The VAIO restarts and boots on the recovery CD.

Remove all partitions from the hard disk drive:

11.    Wait for the Recovery CD screen to appear.

12.    Hold down the CTRL key and press C once.

13.    If asked if you want to Terminate batch job, type Y.

14.    At the promt type zero and press ENTER.

15.    You are asked to confirm your choice - Type Y and press ENTER.

16.    Type Y again to confirm that you are really sure and press ENTER.

17.    All the partitions on your hard disk have been deleted.

18.    Hold down the power button until your VAIO is completely shut down.

19.    Then press once the power button to start your VAIO.

Start the recovery process:

20.    The Sony logo should appear on the screen and the Recovery CD screen is displayed.

21.    Press S to select Standard.

22.    A message explains that the hard drive is not partitioned - Press a key to continue.

23.    Your hard drive is being partitioned - When the process is finished, your VAIO reboots automatically.

24.    When you get back the Recovery screen, press S to select Standard again.

25.    Press Y for Yes to continue.

26.    Finally press G for Go to start the recovery process.

27.    During the recovery, you may be asked to insert the next recovery CD(s) and press a key, please do so.

28.    When the procedure is finished, your VAIO reboots.

29.    Follow the on-screen instructions to configure Windows according to your needs.


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