How do I connect my B&O system to a non-B&O amplifier?

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Modern Bang and Olufsen televisions and audio systems do not have built-in power amplifiers, but they are designed to connect to B&O's "Beolab" range of active (amplified) loudspeakers.  So what do you do if you want to connect a modern B&O audio source or TV to a conventional amplifier and loudspeakers?

The Sounds Heavenly eBay shop have developed an adapter cable which connects to one of the Powerlink outputs on your B&O system and converts this to RCA (also known as "phono") sockets to allow you to plug in a normal hifi or home cinema amplifier and speakers.  As one Powerlink socket contains both left and right stereo signals, only one cable is needed to give stereo sound.

If you want to continue using the volume control on your B&O system to control the speakers you have connected in this way, you will need to set the extra amplifier volume level near to maximum.  You can then use your B&O volume control (and remote control) as normal.

This setup allows you to use in-wall or in-ceiling speakers (indoor or outdoor) with your B&O music system, or to connect it to a multi-channel cinema/home theatre surround sound system.

Sounds Heavenly eBay Shop

Steve runs Sounds Heavenly, a UK-based company producing specialist audio cables and accessories for high-end audio systems including Bang and Olufsen, Naim, Quad, Meridian and Rega.  Steve is a sound engineer, musician and music lover with an Electronics degree and 20 years experience of installing and repairing audio and hifi equipment.

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