How do I know if I'm wearing the wrong size bra?

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There is nothing worse than seeing a woman ith four boobs instead of to or conversly having her boobs almost touching her tummy, or to see bra straps constantly fall down or the back of the bra riding up instead of being below the shoulder blades, or the middle of the bra not lying flat against the rib cage, or if the woman raises her arms above her head and her boobs are coming out underneath the wires  - all this is a sure sign of the wrong fitting bra. 

The quickest solution and easiest way to find out if you are wearing the wrong size bra is to visit a bra fitting consultant usually found in either very reputable departmental stores or small lingerie shops I cannot stress how fantastic it is when you discover what you may have considered to be a problem has become not only a problem solved but is now an asset!

In the fitting room you will be asked to remove your top but leave your bra on, the consultant will check your current bra and select an appropriate bra once they have determined your band size (this is what is commonly called the back size and it relates to your chest cage, size of dress and body shape) and cup size (this is the volume of the breast tissue) and what would best suit your shape and requirements.  You will be consulted during the fitting process to ensure comfort and correct positioning of the fastenings. 

Its worth taking half an hour with a bra fitting consultant to find out now only your size but what style suits your body the best, and you'll be delightfully suprised by the difference it can make to your deportment, confidence and general health as well as your appearance.

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