How do I know if my Oilily is genuine?

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Current labels look like this

There is a lot of Oilily being faked that is made in China. 

Oilily do have some accessories from China but is not a place they make clothes from.

Someone has told me they found some Oilily sized 95cm which isn't an Oilily size so if this is the case, the item is most likely to be fake

Oilily does label some of their items with both cm size and age guide.  Their ages are slightly out of kilter with UK standard sizing (and Euro for that matter)

The main problem is they consider a 98cm as 3 - 4 year old size, 104cm to be a 4 - 5 year old size, do very little 110cm and they call a 116 a 5 - 6 year old size

3 - 4 UK standard is a 104cm, 4 - 5 is a 110cm and 5 - 6 is 116cm.

Oilily do a 110cm size but it is not a common size for them.


The cardboard label didn't change for some years and looked like this


However, there are older Oilily cardboard labels that look slightly different - this does not necessarily mean they are fake.

Oilily change their clothing labels now - for many years they had white brand labels - some items have blue writing rather than the deep pink/red writing shown below.  Some are cotton, some are single width, some are double, some are like a plastic type finish material and some are a silky polyester.  All are genuine, again it depends on the manufactuer.



For a couple of years, Oilily have used pink for the girls range and blue for the boys. 




Labels are now green and I will add a picture soon as I do have some current season Oilily items.  They are a thinner type label and a slightly different design to what we have seen from Oilily in the past.

Oilily use many different manufacuters to produce their clothes and this means they are made in India, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, Portugual, etc

Indian made items tend to be shorter than their European made counterparts so it may be prudent to check the country of manufacture before bidding just to make sure it is going to be long enough.  Oilily trousers can vary by as much as up to 2 inches in length depending on where the item was made.

Oilily don't size in line with UK sizes at the smaller end of the age range so please see my soon to follow size chart so you can see where the differences are.

A key to checking your Oilily is to check is shows it was imported by Olly's  Spain label inside.  It says

Importado por Olly's import and distribution Spain SL

plus more below, with a Barcelona address.



Oilily also use many different buttons and these again vary.  Not all say Oilily.  A few examples of Oilily buttons are shown below - all are genuine. Some are engraved with Oilily and some aren't. They mainly are but a few items use plain buttons, shaped buttons or manufactuer brand buttons. All are fine. 



The side label looks pretty similar year on year but the colours vary, depending on the garmet colourway and item manufactuer

Here are examples:


If in doubt, ask the seller for the code which is shown on the cardboard label and call Oilily in Knightsbridge and ask them to confirm if that was a code they made

I hope you have found this guide helpful. 

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