How do I know if these dance shoes will fit me?

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Shoe Size Accuracy

Sizing has always been a big problem for dance shoe suppliers and manufacturers. Many dance forums contain posts complaining about the larger dance wear suppliers whose advertised sizes just don't relate to your actual foot size. Some even complain that having once bought a correctly fitting shoe, they have attempted to replace these a couple of years later with an identical pair from the same supplier only to find on delivery that the supposed same size is of different dimensions and does not fit. Unfortunately, it is just not cost effective for the larger shoe suppliers to check every shoe that they import in large quantities. As a result discrepancies in size are often not discovered until your ordered pair arrives on your doorstep.
Shiny Dancer UK is a small UK supplier of dance shoes based in sunny South Devon on the English Riviera. We pride ourselves on our good working relationship with our shoe manufacturer. All our shoes pass quality control checks on leaving the factory. Furthermore, as we have a smaller inventory, we are able to recheck each shoe prior to sale for quality and remeasure them to ensure high standards and correct sizing are maintained. After all, we don't just supply these shoes... we dance in them too!
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