How do you decide which Ignition Coils to buy

Like if this guide is helpful

Daytona GB Limited is a Specialist Company that Sells Ignition Coils as well as many other related Car Components.

We have been asked many times , what is the difference between your Coils and the Others on E-Bay, So we thought that writing a Short Guide would help others.

There are many People Selling Ignition Coils on E-Bay, and it can be very confusing deciding who to purchase your Ignition Coil from,

do you go for the very cheapest you see ? or go for the most expensive, thinking that they must be good. what is the difference in them all you may ask ! My tips are this,

(1) Look at the Feed-Back of the seller

(2) Has the Item you are looking at got a Guarantee.

(3) Does the seller Specialize in this field of products, or are they just one off items.

(4) Are the Coils a Branded make, with the sellers name on them.

(5) Beware Imported Poor quality Items, that come in (White Box) packaging

At Daytona GB, We Manufacture our Coils to Meet or Exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturers Quality,

Most people will not know this, That the term ( Genuine Part ) from a Car Dealer Implies that the Car Marquee makes the part,

This is NOT so, They Assemble cars on a production line, the parts that make the car are sourced from different factories around

the world, people like BMW, MERCEDES, VAUXHALL etc then Brand the boxes of sales parts as Genuine parts.

We hope this has helped to Guide you to a E-Bay shop that meets your requirments.



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