How do you spot FAKE Abercrombie?

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There is a hell of a lot of Abercrombie and Fitch gear on ebay and this is good as it is extremely difficult to get hold of in the uk. However because of this it is difficult to know what your getting for your money..

I have bought a fair amount of stuff and have paid higher than average prices tending to 'buy it now' rather than waiting for days in an auction and being beaten to it for the sake of a few pounds. I am certain that most of the items i have bought are genuine and also because they are from uk sellers that i have contacted.

I have also compared items to other items bought off the official abercrombie website for peace of mind.

I am hoping that someone will read this who knows a great deal more than i do about spotting fake abercrombie and post a comment. The only advice i can really give is buy from reputable uk sellers or from USA- if not dont be to disappointed if you end up with a Thai copy because there are plenty out there!! 

Look out for 'sagging collars' as these should be stiff and stay up right, poor stitching , 'bobbling' on the surface of the material.

If you 'buy it now' expect to pay £20-£30 inc p+p.....these tops cost $49 so no1 can afford to give them away for nothing.


Abercrombie and Fitch now have a store in London which also offers an online shopping service. Without meaning to plug this too much (because the prices are twice that of U.S online prices for exactly the same stuff due to the current exchange rate), I am noticing an increased amount of fake merchandise advertised as A + F originals on ebay. Much of the designs are very simply not genuine and have probably originated from south east Asia brought back into the country to be sold from the U.K. I would urge you to take a look at the website and see for yourself the difference in designs before you spend £40 on a fake hoodies etc. Apologies to those U.K sellers that are genuine but this is in your interests also.

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