How does CECT i9 3G Smartphone differ from i9?

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We have been receiving email from eBayers wanting to know about the streamlined "i9 3G" and how does it differ from its fellow model i9. People are interested in knowing what's been upgraded on it, how it differs from the best selling CECT i9, and whether it's just the 3rd generation of the phone or whether it actually works on 3G networks.

We @ Trustinboxuk will try to answer these three questions in this guide, as well as go over some of the similarities and the differences of the features of these two phones that hopefully could be of some use to our potential bidders.

A Rounded Back Like The iPhone 3G
: One of major updates with the i9 3G is the rounded back that also defines the iPhone 3G.  This gives it a bit of a more streamlined appearance than the i9.  The housing is a also a bit thicker and shinier (almost like a laptop) and you have the options of black and white finishes.

The Ten Pages Of Icons / Applications And Standard Features: This is probably the biggest upgrade to this phone over the previous i9: the newest version of the flow-touch menu allows for a lot more customization.  There are now no less than ten pages of icons available.  Basically, any tool, setting, or application on this phone can have its own icon. You can also create icons for your favourite websites that you frequently visit.  Examples are YouTube, Weather, Stocks, Google Maps, Facebook etc.

3rd Generation And / Or 3G Networks: Most GSM Sim cards (both PAYG and contract ones) in the U.K. are going to work on this phone. We have tested fully on Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, Orange and Virgin Sim cards. Unfortunately, 3G networks like 3 does not fit into category. The 3G cards from O2 or Vodafone do work on this phone, but since the data is transferred via GPRS and WAP rather than EDGE, you may or may not get the speed that you expected. According to the feedback from our customers, they found the speed to be quite adequate.

You really can't go wrong with either i9 3G or i9. Both are great quality phones with very high customer satisfaction. They are very similar to one another, i9 3G has the finger touch interface, like the old i9, so you can drag and arrange the icons however you want them.  Like the previous i9, this one supports Java 2.0, is a Quad band, has dual sim active, and has the "shake and tilt" feature.  It also has Bluetooth, MP3 / MP4, ebook reader, FM radio, digital camera and webcam, and expandable memory (up to 8GB).

The i9 3G is a pretty cool one, but the main difference between it and the i9 is the rounded edge, the customization of the icons, and the cooler looking housing. The price is pretty affordable, even on this newest model.  If you already have the i9, it may still be worth upgrading depending on how important these things are to you. If you haven't used these models before, it would always be a nice place to start.

We hope the above could provide of some use to you. Happy bidding!

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