How does CECT i9 Smartphone differ from i68+ / KA08

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We have been receiving email from eBayers wanting to know about the "i9" and how does it differ from its fellow models i68 / i68+ and KA08 (sometimes called mini i9/i68). The next questions is usually, "well, which one is better?"  We @ Trustinboxuk will try to answer these two questions in this guide, as well as go over some of the similarities and the differences of the features of these two phones that hopefully could be of some use to our potential bidders.

Which is the latest model, and what's difference of function?

Both of these models are newer models of P168 that have added the shake and tilt feature and an extra band to the original P168 model, making this original quad band. i9 and i68 are based on similar MTK mainboard, and the softwares have both been updated frequently, therefore, they don't have a big difference in Functions. Though i68 has a 3 pages sliding-menu, i9 provides the very same functions but just organized them in a better way under sub-menus. KA08 has similar software applications, but it DOES NOT have JAVA function.

Any difference in appearance?

Comparing to i68, i9 is definitly smaller in size, lighter, and slimmer, only weighing about 100 grams. But, the differences are not very obvious when holding in hand.

Which one is better built?

Based on the model we have sourced from the genuine manufacturer, we believe i9 is much better in quality. It feels very solid. The only way to know how good i9 is typically is to use one for a few days. People are often surprised at how solid and slick the touch screen is, how sharp the pictures and images are, how responsive the touch screen is, and how sharp / loud the sound quality is.

On the contrary, i68/i68+ doesn't feel that solid, we had some internal information which indicates that cost of i9 is 10-12 pounds more expensive that i68+. We guess, though they are based on same motherboard and software, the rest parts of materials are at different quality.

Can either of these work on UK network?

We tested both of these models in our UK lab. According to our test results and feedback from customers, i68 / i68+ oftenly experience problems in recognizing Sim cards in the U.K. and some of our customers had problems with getting Jave to work on i68 / i68+ too. While i9 works perfectly on major networks (including Pay as You Go SIM cards) except for 3G.

Other differences

If there was one criticism of the KA08 (other than it being tri band), it was that you couldn't download or use third party software with it because there is no Java support.  Both of the other two models include Java 2.0, which allows for unlimited additional downloads, games, and possibilities.

Most of the i68 has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, while most true i9s have a 2.0 mega pixel camera.

So, here is our recommendation

Which of these phones are going to work out better for you depends on what you must have in a phone. If you really want both cards on line at once, a newer model, the latest firmware, better quality camera, more stable handset, you'd more likely want the i9. If you don't care much about quality, but wish to save some money for the bigger TF card, i68+ could be a fair choice as well. However, you shall keep your eyes open and make sure you know what you are buying, as i68+ should be at least 10-12 pounds cheaper than i9.

Last question, how to tell one from the another

One problem that many buyers have though is that sellers on eBay sometimes use these terms interchangeably.  You really need to read the item description to determine what you are truly getting. 

1. KA08 is mini in terms of size and functions, and it is easy to be recognized.

2. i68 has 3 pages of menu, and i9 has only got one page with the same function as mentioned above

3. i9 's box is smaller and different from the other 2.




We hope the above could provide of some use to you. Happy bidding!



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