How eBay can change your life...

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The best opportunity in my life

eBay is providing the best opportunities to sale your used or new products worldwide. There is many options for new sellers to become for Top-rated Seller. I like advertising on eBay, which gave me an option to sell my products on first page.
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How to make customers happy and be successful on eBay

There is many rules for new eBay businesses to become for Top-rated sellers. It is easy to get it, and much easy to lose it. Sellers MUST look after each customers, check all items for damages before sending, put all real information and high quality pictures, answer for all customer's questions and make fast dispatching on time. 
Sometimes you can get negative view from customers but it is not gonna be seller fault. There is some factors that can affect on it. For example postage courier parcel loosing/damaging or delaying. To make customers happy, you should explain situations and sort all problems as soon as possible even it is your courier fault. Customers buying items, they want great service and fast and secured delivery of his purchase. Customer don't want hear and know about bad couriers or something like that. eBay owners MUST find best delivery service which is possible. Sometimes it is better to pay for postage a little bit more - and you will see smile on customer face when he will get his purchase fast and secured.

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