How eBay destroy a Genuine Sellers Credibility & DSR

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I have decided to put this information out, as it has now been twice, that I have had 2 occasions in which both buyers have attempted to ruin my 100% Sellers Rating record, in which they were allowed the opportunity to freely rate myself on 5 separate and non-associated conditions of the service they have received, and not even reviewed by eBay given evidence from BOTH buyer and seller.

As you may see by my current Sellers Rating, I careless allowed the buyer to get away with it. This was after I had sold an item, which I had then posted off using Postage that had been purchased online from Royal Mail, which due to Royal Mails terms and conditions, means that the postage is only valid for 24 working hours by the end of the following next working day. The item in question was due to be posted using the recorded and signed for option, and an online certificate of posting was printed out, signed and ready to hand in to the Post Office on the Monday, in which the item was sold midday Friday.

However, due to being called out to an emergency on the Monday, it would not be possible to send the item "Recorded" post, so naturally, rather then delay the delivery of the item, I foolishly posted the item in the nearest Post Box. To cut a long story short, this item just happened to go missing, and although Royal Mail confirm that the item was not still at the sorting depot awaiting delivery to the recipient after checking their systems for the online postage receipt number which identifies and allows the depot to clarify that the item had passed through scanning equipment, theoretically meaning the item did not get lost prior to it being delivered to the recipient, therefore means that either the item was lost in transit en route to the buyer, or the buyer had made out that they did not actually receive the item.

Through being as genuine as I have been with previous ebay buyers, the fact that I made it clear in the ebay advert, that the buyer would be required to sign for the item, was obviously given the opportunity to use this in a negative way against me to obtain goods to the value of £50 which I had sold for £20, and ended up not getting a penny for, and after consulting ebay about this, and informing them about the negative feedback I had received, which I demanded to be removed, did not happen, and could only be done if it was mutually agreed with the person who ripped me off. (As if that's gonna happen lol).

So, now if you look at my 1 negative rating after buying and selling on eBay with the same original ID I have been using for the last 5 years, and to drop from a 100% Sellers Rating to a 98.9% Sellers rating, in my opinion is bollocks.

Now, I have just come across another seller who is trying to take the piss. Yet I am now more the wiser and fully aware of how to deal with this person (Who shall remain anonymous until a time in which I see fit).

This seller basically purchased an item, and not once, but twice tried to back out of the sale and demand refunds on both occasions. This was due to the fact in that they were searching for the same type of goods, but at a lower price AFTER they had purchased the item.

The first time round, the buyer claimed that he had purchased the goods by mistake, and that he did not authorize Pay Pal to make the payment. (How fucking stupid can anyone get?) This was done through sending an email, not associated with the buyers ebay account, therefore no trace of the email would be available to eBay to review in the event of any problems, although the email, along with the buyers IP Address can be provided to eBay if the seller wants to take the issue further.

Even though I granted the buyers request, and sent back a full refund (which again, all done through ebay & pay pal, with all receipts corresponding to the refund being kept and can be provided if necessary), 1 hour later the seller sends a 2nd email which basically states that they were sorry for the confusion but "Your Deal Seems To Be Better". How fucking thick can you get, yet again? 

Anyhow, even though I took note of this, I let it go by, and continued to proceed with requesting the full amount through Pay Pal from the buyer, this was after I had to cancel a delivery, and have the goods returned to me, and then change it back so that the goods were delivered to the seller.

Now the seller claims that he wants a refund, because he now finds the same deal cheaper on the same site I purchased it from. However, this same item was only available to purchase by entering a Gift Certificate number that knocked off almost £50 from the original price of the item if they had to of purchased it, without having a Gift Voucher code. This buyer stated that "It is not a problem to get a code for it". Basically stating that he did not have one at all prior to purchasing the item from myself, and is just pissed off that he paid more for an item, which was still £15 cheaper then what he would of paid for the items without the Code. 

So now this buyer is taking "Legal Action" and has already "Got a Solicitor on the case". 

So to summarize, I have a Buyer, who has no only once but twice, backed out of a sale that happened 48 hours earlier, had been posted via Royal Mail Recorded & Signed for Post, which I have online access to the Tracking Number, and after viewing the status, it seems that Royal Mail were unable to successfully deliver the item. This would then backup the statement which the buyer made in a further email sent to myself in which he said he was did not want it, and was going to send it back, and still babbles on about how he is legally entitled to a refund, because the website in which I purchased the item from, states that a full refund will be offered if the item is returned unused and unopened within 7 days.

Fact 1 - I am a Private Seller, not a Business, therefore Distance Selling Regulations do not require legally require me to offer returns or refunds.

Fact 2 - As I have not yet received correspondence from this particular seller's "Solicitor" regarding the issue, I will be looking to reclaim all expense incurred for the cost of services obtained from my Solicitor should they wish to pursue this case in court, which would also of been done without first adhering to terms and conditions laid out by eBay as to the procedure of claiming a refund in the event of dispute", let alone breach a legally binding contract after the sale of an item.

Fact 3 - If you plan on being Swarmy in emails with relation to making claims of taking "Legal Action" make sure you have at least done some research before shooting acting so Smug.

Fact 4 - I now feel better knowing that after you attempted to rip me off twice in which you then had the bollocks to accuse me of ripping people off, that although you did not spend as much as you did for the same product had you of purchased it directly from the website, you did actually pay for me to have the same deal for free? Laugh that one off you twat  :-).

Just to clear a few things up, as people may read that last bit, and say that I have not done myself any favours as a seller by anything stated in this guide. This is just something that had pissed me off so much, in which now this buyer (who has a 100% Buyer Rating) cannot be left a Negative Rating based on the fact that he tried to fuck me over more then once. Yet, they still have the opportunity to further damage my sellers rating at their leisure. Although if they had any sense whatsoever, they will not even consider attempting to leave me negative feedback, but then again, based on how they dug their own graves with providing all the evidence I need in their own emails by contradicting themselves, it is possible that they will try in some way (whether through eBay, or through other sites on the web) to bring negativity upon myself which holds no justification. 

Furthermore, not only do eBay allow this to happen, you pay them a large portion of the final selling cost of the item, to then just get fuck all support when being screwed over by dodgy unreliable buyers, who do not get penalised or accounts suspended, as they are bringing in profits for ebay, so either way eBay and Buyers are in a Win Win situation, where as Sellers are treated like Shit, and charged for it lol.

The original sale price of the item I had just sold, started at £53.00, this then dropped to almost £43.00 once Pay Pal took the Fee's for dealing with the refunds and the privilege of obtaining the money through their service, which over £5.50 of that was eBay fee's.  Therefore the final profit margin I received on selling an item that was substantially lower then R.R.P dropped from £20 to £10. Then take out Postage and Packing, say a further £4 for 1st Class Recorded & Signed for Post, that leaves you with just £6 profit from a possible £20 due to fee's charged by a company that does not provide assurance of Sellers Ratings from taking a negative bashing from buyers who abuse the loophole.

So how can a Buyer leave Negative feedback when the option is not available to do so, or you only have space to write 5 words that don't allow the buyer to fully argue their case?

Simple, entice the Buyer to leave negative feedback, this way, you do then actually get the right to respond to the feedback received.

Next when you reply to the negative feedback simply put something such as the following :-

"Untrustworthy .... "

(Then after Untrustworthy place a link using a Short URL Service such as or so that you can at least direct people to a website where you can express your experience with sellers that screw you over).You may have to specify the link without http:// or www. etc etc as eBay bots will probably disallow live active links to pages outside of eBay, so may only work when placing link that requires copying and pasting into a browser to be viewed, as I guess eBay consider it a security risk and remain liable for providing active live links to websites outside of their control, should the users machines become infected with a virus from clicking such links).

It's pointless trying to air your opinions with review or guide anywhere on eBay, as it will just be seen to negatively impact the amount they make out of buyers that rip sellers off, so the easiest and most cost effective answer for eBay to do, would be to delete any comments relating to how sellers (who have a legitimate right to do so) can leave genuine negative comments based on true selling history.

Hope this helps Sellers to avoid mistakes I first made.


PS. Don't even think about copying the whole review and selling it for 99p on eBay lol - This information should not be copied and re-edited and then republished for financial gain, and remains to be Intellectual Property of the Author of this review.

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