How ebay started me on motocross . . . .

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At the ripe age of 34, ebay started me on motocross! I had ridden a motorbike around a field in my teenage years, and that was as far as my experience with motorbikes went. However, a couple of years ago, my other half foolishly decided to buy a knackered fiat uno turbo on ebay. He never did anything with it, and when our friends had got sick of it cluttering up their driveway I told him it needed to go! The only offer he got for it was a swap for a Kawasaki KX100 2 stroke motocross bike. We decided that it would be fun to have a few goes on it, and then flog it. In reality, what actually happened was that everyone enjoyed it far too much. So the KX became my learner bike whilst the boys bought themselves bigger 250's (all found on ebay, and one of them now upgraded to a 450!) Over time, we gathered an impressive collection of safety gear all found on ebay. I have also now started to strip the KX to restore, and got a Yamaha TTR 125, as the 4 stroke is a much friendlier engine to a novice). If it hadn't been for ebay, I would never have dreamed of taking up motocross. Obviously, it can be a very expensive hobby. Ebay is a great place to get all the bits cheaply for when you start out.

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