How good is your STARTING & RESERVE price ??? Read this

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How good is your STARTING & RESERVE price ???


In this guide I would like to emphasize on the effect of reserve price on your item. If you are new to selling this might be a bit dificult for you to understand BUT YOU GOTTO.  So far I think the best price to start your auction is 0.99p STOP starting your auction with HIGH price, the result is that you are limiting the number of interested potential buyers as people get attracted when they see that the current price of an item is low, they will either place a bid or watch it thier account and chances are that your item current price will increase incredibly towards the end of the auction as a result of too many interest in it.

Also people have to know that every little counts, the higher the starting price the higher your listing fee and most importantly many people put a reserve price and forget to do their mathematics, sometimes the reserve fee will be more than your listing fee by x10 depending on how high it is.


It drives people away, don't use reserve price for your item unless the value is really really very high but there has been many cases where there were no reserve price on high value item like big cars and in which they eventually did very well.

Let me tell you what I do as soon as I see the reserve on any item, I just quickly navigate the browser back button as I believe that I can not get a bargain from it because for the seller to put a reserve price on the item it means he / she already have a set price in mind for which I may not get the item if I don't reach it, so why waste my time....time is money!

If you have tried an auction in the past without reserve price and it didn't turn out well don't relent, It may be due to some other factors which you didn't pay enough attention to , I can assure you both from experience and personal belief that if you put other things well  e.g "good item description", "fair postage cost" and "politeness in your wordings", you'll achieve that maximum winning price you least expected.

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