How heavy should a bicycle be?

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Weighing up a good bike

Cheap, lightweight, strong. Experience  has tought us that you have to pick one to sacrifice because you can’t have all three when buying a bicycle. Knowing this you can use price and weight as a measure of strength and essentially quality of a bicycle should you need a rough guide. Most people have a set of scales in the bathroom, so asking the weight of the bicycle is no arduous chore.

More expensive bikes should weigh:

  •     road £10k to £1k - 5 to 10kg
  •     full sus mtb £8k to £2k - 9kg to 13kg
  •     hard tail mtb £4k to £1k - 7 to 12kg
  •     kids £300 - 10kg give or take

Entry level bikes should weigh:

  •     Road £500 to £1k - 10.5kg to 9.5kg
  •     full sus mtb £1k to £2k - 15kg to 13kg
  •     Hard tail mtb £1k to £500 - 12.5kg to 14.5kg
  •     Kids £200 - 15kg

Exceptions to the rule

This is a rough guide, and their are exceptions. I often get in trouble for sweeping statements however after years of experience fixing bikes and seeing trends in failing components i believe the knowledge to be useful.
Bicycles cheaper and or heavier than those stated above i would personally try to avoid, as i believe them to be too good to be true. If someone is selling a featherweight 5kg carbon road bike for £500 it has to be knackered or stolen. You really don’t want either, as one leads to expensive repair bills as you can see from our previous article or one day the police will just take it off you and return it to the original owner leaving you empty handed and out of pocket.
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