How much are your SNES items worth? Do NOT end early

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If you are asked to end your auction early it is more than likely you have items of value or rarity in your auction.


Buyers are more than likely trying to grab them at half the value!. Your auction is likely to get double the offer if left for the full duration of the auction!.


It is irritating to me not only because I like to have a chance to bid on the items,  I also like to see the auctions finnish legitimately, it is interesting to see final auction prices, this helps with indicating current values of items,  Im sure many other collectors feel the same way.


I now am offering a free service to value your items to the best of my knowledge to prevent you getting 'HAD' in the future

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eBay itself strongly discourages sellers to end listings early because it undermines the trust buyers have in the eBay platform. eBay buyers are told that their bids are binding. Equally, buyers expect the auctions they bid on to conclude successfully.

Ending a listing early for the following reasons is prohibited as it is considered fee avoidance:

1. Cancelling bids and ending a listing early because the reserve price hasn't been met to avoid reserve fees..

2. Cancelling bids and ending a listing early in order to sell the item off-eBay. You should be aware that as well as avoiding fees, you risk fraud by selling items off the eBay website. If a member writes to you to ask you to sell away from the eBay website, please report them to eBay.

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