How not to be a feedback bully!

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Feedback bully : an Ebayer (usually purchasing items) who uses a superior feedback score to ritualistically demotivate another seller, who will in most cases have a much lower feedback score and are trying to build up their score, and ultimately bring down their rating.

Seriously guys this is not COOL! And yet it happens. SO I decided to write a guide to help all those out there who may not be aware that they are being a feedback bully. Follow these simple steps:

1) Be aware that sellers on Ebay are not out to intentionally annoy or mislead. Ergo....

2) Nothing that was talked about was never not solved, or just email first and try to sort out whatever the problem is. And lastly.....

3) Do unto others as they would unto you.

Hope this helps!

This is for my sister who suffered at the hands of a FBB (FeedBack Bully).
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