How not to buy fake CDs on eBay

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If you care about buying genuine CDs and not copied ones, then read this. I'm sure I am not the only person who, after rushing to the post and excitingly ripping off the packaging to a CD shaped package, felt a surge of disappointment when a silver-coloured, copied CD emerges from the packet. There is something nice about having the artwork, track listings and CD insert, otherwise, you may as well download. From many mistakes I have learnt how to spot fake from real in eBay. The advice I have given is a accurate as I can make it, but don't just use one tip, think about every one and consider the seller with regard to all of them before you make a decision because one may not mean much on its own. 1)is it a shop or a an individual eBay member? Shops are more than likely to sell real CDs, not that all eBay members sell copied CDs, but there are extra things to look out for. Watch out some people name their accounts as though they are shops! If you see that, it may not be conclusive evidence that they only sell copied CDs, but be suspicious. 2)Are they a powerseller or only selling a few CDs? Some people sell their old CDs, but even if they are selling off their whole CD collection they probably won't have more than one of each CD. So if you see a powerseller selling loads of CDs, especially if there is more than one available of a certain one and they are all listed as 'new', be suspicious. 3)What photo have they used for the listing? some people take photos of the CD on their bed, this is likely to be the actual CD you buy. Others use a Stock photo of the cover that has been copied and pasted off the internet, again, this is not 100% evidence that it is fake, as it is much easier to do this, but keep looking for signs. 4)read the seller reviews thoroughly. I once had to go through about 4 or 5 pages of rave reviews before I saw one that mentioned the CDs were copied. 5)if in doubt, contact the seller. I hope this helps you weed out the genuine from the copied. Happy eBaying!
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