How not to buy just a box.

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New consoles are with us, and so are the scammers, trying to pull a fast one.

If you want to make sure you're buying what you think you are buying, read the description, read it again, then read it once more. Does the description describe the contents? Does it say sealed and unopened? Or somewhere down the bottom, does it say in small letters *Box Only*, *No Console* or something similar?
The new trick seems to be to sell something as "Retail Packaging". For instance, I saw an "Xbox One Retail Packaging" for sale. Now some people might think this means that the console is in retail packaging, but what was actually for sale, was just the retail packaging.
At this time of year, nobody wants to have their Christmas ruined, by a scammer trying to make a fast buck, at someone else's expense. Read the description thoroughly, check the title, then read the description again. Do they match, are they accurate and honest?
Your kids will thank you for taking an extra 30 seconds to double and triple check what you are buying. They certainly won't thank you if all they have to open on Christmas morning, is an empty box... and you have no money left to buy them anything else, because you just spent £300 on that empty box. Think I'm joking about that? At the time I am writing this, one empty box, or more precisely some "retail packaging", is currently at £150. If you do not read the description fully, you will probably have no grounds to claim anything back. It's an expensive mistake that can be avoided, by taking your time to check, check and check again.
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