How not to get conned by sellers

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Dont listen to them when they say they have had this done to them and that they thank you for understanding about the delay or missunderstanding about the mix up all they are doing is the same thing bluejanno-1 did to me, first she came over all nicey nicey and how she would check on it and get back then they start with well after 15 days I can send you a refund but and there is always a but because of ebay and paypal and the need to show a refund through paypal even though I did not pay with paypal but a postal order, then there's the I will try my best to find you another but yes the but again comes into it but when you try and find one no one is selling any as good as the one you had bought in the first place so I will keep looking but yes it appears again but we are on holiday this weekend so we wont be able to go looking but and another but as soon as the following weekend comes we will be out searching the markets for one for you. After another 14 days and now you are getting even closer to the 90 day cut off when ebay will not entertain your dispute you get the sweet message about how understanding you are and how they wish there where more people like you on ebay, how it would be a better place to sell if all buyers were like you and if its not to much bother and the time its been how it looks bad that feedback hasnt been left could you find the time to leave a posative for them and they will do the same as she is sure she has found a good one for you but she needs to give it a good check over first, so like an idiot (thats me not you ) I go ahead and leave a posative and what an excellent ebayer only to discover the 90 days are up and she wont answer any emails from you then she gets intouch with ebay and makes a complaint against me saying I am send spam to her emails so Me being a bit p***ed o** decided to bit on her other items just to have my bids withdrawn and a message from ebay to tell me not to be a naughty boy or I will be suspended nothing happens to the seller who has just conned me out of my money but I will be suspended for bidding on some items, So after all this rambling Hope you Dont get conned by BLUEJANNO_1 Guess I will be in trouble about this now but who cares there is far to much conning going on with sellers on hear now. 
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