How not to get ripped off buying a Bugaboo on Ebay!

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You want to buy your baby the best pram system around and they do come at a price so you shop around (quite rightly to!).  Ebay seems to have loads of bargains for babies (which it does) but some dispicable people try to take advantage of expentant mums to be.

I have bought my bugaboo frog then cameleon from Ebay quite sucessfully and with no problems and saved myself £100 too but then I did see some bugaboos which seemed great bargains until I examined into it.... but then if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck!

Be cautious of people listing prams from China, check out the item location and seller location if they don't match steer clear! if the seller has had no recent feedback then all of a sudden they are listing multiple prams then ask why can someones all of a sudden be selling 5 different bugaboos? The account has most likely been hijacked and details been given (unwittingly) from the genuine account holder via a spoof email. They most probably haven't used their ebay account for some time and don't realise someone is selling items under their name. The chinese seller will always most likely ask for payment though western union as he has problems with paypal and make up a a cock and bull story about chinese government not allowing paypal. The listings are almost always copied and pasted and genuine pictures taken from ongoing or recently closed auctions. (my bugaboo frog listing was one of them!).

It may also be that the chinese fraudtser hasn't taken over another persons acount but has opened a new one along with alot of others and buying and selling within his own auctions (check into feedback) and leaving feedback for himself to build up a rating... ALWAY CHECK INTO FEEDBACK! If it is a new accound with lots of feedback with a day or too check into it. It will either be feedback left to himself or buying of ebooks which cost pence....

any feedback built up only on ebooks is also dodgy so cover yourself and don't buy anything of real value to anyone with this type of feedback!

There are plenty of bugaboo bargains on ebay compared to buying from the high street, but best to be clued up on the facts and ask questions if unsure. A reputable seller will respond and answer any queries and give out business adresses of they are a genuine business.

It is not only a chinese fraudster but there is an eastern european going by a variety of alias names also asking for payment via western union when selling a bugaboo at a stupidly low BIN about £200-£250 for a BN bugaboo cameleon?? yeah right!...NEVER pay for a bugaboo or any item through western union. If you want to give money away give it to a charity rather than a scammer!

I hope this info is of some help!




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