How not to get ripped off on eBay for sellers and buyer

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Hi all.

this is my first ever guide on eBay. i hope to have more up soon. the aim of this guide is to show ebayers how to not get ripped off.

Heres whats going to be on here.

For Sellers

  1. How to find a scamming buyer.
  2. what scamms are around and how to protect yourself.
  3. how to show that you are a genuine ebay seller and that you have the items you are selling. (this is so that true ebayers dont have doubts about you).
  4. what to do if you don't recieve payments
  5. what to do if you get emails from scam artists

For Buyers.

  1. How to find a scammer.
  2. How to look out for a scammer on eBay motors.
  3. what to do if you don't recieve goods.
  4. how to find emails from scam artists and what to do with them.

For Sellers

1. HOw to find a scamming buyer.
The most obvious thing with everything online is if you have any doubts don't ignore them. if you think somones out to scamm you tell them so and block them from your auctions. scammers work in a variety of ways, whether that be bumping up the price of an auction and then running to asking you to pay by western union.

shillers are common to ebay. (there are many help tpics on this subject under the help tab) what shillers do is they set the auction to go one way or another. the 1st kind of shiller is that they bid on an item that they like. say you have it a laptop mouse up and starting for 99p and hat its worth £5 in the shops. they bid 99p then they have a second ebay account. from this second account the y place a stupid bid. lets say £150 (one hundered and fifty pounds). so obviously who ever looks at the item is going to say "wtf i aint bidding on that look at what its gone to £150 for a flaming mouse" this then keeps potential bidders away. Wheres the scam in htis i hear you shout. The scam comes about 5 or 10 seconds before the end of the auction. you think you've got £150 from a legitimate ebayer for a mouse worth £5 however at this time the ebayer cancels the bid on the second account casuing their first ebay account to win the bid at 99p. this keeps the cost as low as possible. this is mainly seen with mobile phones. How to stay away from these shillers. think about it. £150 for a poxy laptop mouse. kind of stupid isn't it. go and find the contact details of the bidders on that item.(linky) if the contatc details are similar it may mean that someone on the same street is bidding or it may be that its a shiller. just to be on the safe side. let both these accounts know that you are reporting them to ebay and  cancel their bids from here.

the second kind of shiller may be a seller themself. the seller may have an item up for sale. (lets say a phone). he may want £100 for it. however he doesn't want to pay the listing fee £100 so what he does is puts the start price in at 1p. he opens a new account and after a few days with this new account he puts a bid for £100 in. this way the auction is going to go two ways. he either gets higher bids which means he sells the item or he doesn't sell th itme and after a few days relists and does the same again. again if you believe this is hapening  contact ebay. give them the itme number and they will check ip addresses and what not and ban the b4satard

another technique they use is asking you to send the product to a relative or a dieing friend as a present.. firstly this is mostly to do with nigerians. they think they can scam us. also this seems to happen on accoutns that have been hijacked. so dont send hte products to anywhere apart form the address on the account. also when sending a product send a letter with your ebay username, and product number saying congrats you won you paid htis much. let me know when you recieve this.


The rest to come on soon. i'm starting to get tired. keep watching this space

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