How often should you have a Tarot reading ?

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Some people like to have multiple readings from various tarot -psychic readers, asking the same question to each different reader. This is not an advisable approach as it will usually result in receiving mixed messages which leave you feeling more confused. It is far better to stick to one - at most two- readers who you know you can trust. Check feedback ratings before you order and look for readers who have bothered to include a personal picture of themselves and some biography of their experience. This will help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

If asking about a certain issue then it is best to leave things a couple of months before ordering another reading for an update on the same issue. Asking about the same situation over and over again by re-wording questions or seeking the services of lots of different readers is quite honestly  a waste of your money and will NOT help you any further. It is important to remember that the tarot cards are meant to be a GUIDE only, they are not to be relied upon in a dependent fashion or consulted for every twist and turn in your life journey. We are all captains of our own ships so it is a mistake to view the Tarot as "the final word" on your destiny. It is meant only to illuminate the possibilities ahead of you , not a fixed reality.

Please try to avoid repeatedly buying readings to look at the same issue over and over again - it really is not going to help you. Stick to one tarot  reader if you can , build up a solid relationship with him or her and only seek a consulatation if and when you really need or want one. If you are developing a habit of ordering several readings week after week, take a step back and review your actions. Do you REALLY need constant guidance for various different strangers or are you developing something of a tarot reading addiction ?! 

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