How to Accessorise Dark Clothing with Bright Accessories

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How to Accessorise Dark Clothing with Bright Accessories

Dark clothing has a sophisticated appearance but it can also look a bit heavy or drab if you do not throw any colour into the mix. Adding in some simple, brightly coloured accessories can completely revive an ensemble, bringing it back to life. All of a sudden, your little black dress does not look so drab anymore with a red clutch, a pair of white earrings, and a gold bracelet.


Wear Dark Clothing with Bright Hair Accessories

A few ornaments in the hair not only draw attention to your face, but also complement your outfit. If your clothing is too dark, look for an accessory such as a hat, thick headband, or large bright pink flower to add some colour. The flowers clip into your hair and are great for a dressy night out, while a hat is perfect for cold weather.


Wear Dark Clothing with Bulky Jewellery

Bulky jewellery, such as a string of red beads, accentuates your neckline. Find pieces that complement each other as well as the outfit. A set of matching jewellery is always a good idea but mixing and matching is fun too. Dangling earrings come in all colours and sizes, so find ones with a colourful, yet stylish appeal. For example, earrings with peacock feathers go well with a thick, gold bracelet and an outfit of black trousers, a dark grey top, and stilettos.


Accessorise Dark Clothing with a Bright Handbag

Handbags add colour to a dark outfit and are functional at the same time. There are many types of handbags which are appropriate for various occasions. A small clutch is typically more formal and goes well with an elegant evening outfit. Messenger bags are much larger and casual. They sling over the shoulder and have big pockets in which you can carry your books, make-up kit, or other personal items when you travel. going to school or work. A traditional shoulder bag can be formal or casual depending on the occasion. Consider getting several kinds of colourful handbags to ensure you have one for any occasion and outfit. Then you can just add a brightly coloured bag to your dark outfit and you are ready for the day.


Wear Dark Clothing with a Thick Belt

Many women only wear belts when their trousers have belt loops. However, you can also wear belts over the top of a blouse or shirt. A thick belt pulls in the waistline and can create an hourglass shape while also accentuating the outfit and breaking up the colour flow. Choose a belt in your favourite colour or even just a fun colour combination to go with your dark outfits and brighten up your look.

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