How to Accessorise Napkins for a Holiday Party

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How to Accessorise Napkins for a Holiday Party

If you lack Sherlock's ability to fold napkin cranes, there is no need to fret. There are plenty of ways to make napkins look more festive without having to resort to fancy folding techniques. A few basic craft materials, some scissors and glue, and occasionally a ready-made cheat can produce a stunning, festive result for a holiday table setting.

Make a Bow Tie

A bow tie will take a bit of folding, but nothing complex. Lay the napkin flat, face down if applicable. Fold the napkin inwards so the sides meet at the centre. Fold again to create a narrow strip and fold the short ends in. Then, simply scrunch the napkin in the centre and cinch with a ribbon, paper, or whatever else you choose. You can even wrap strings of beads or faux pearls around it, or decorate the cinch in another way. Choose a matching colour or a contrasting one for visual interest.

Create Glitzy Napkin Rings

A simple way to make napkins on a table look a bit more ornate is with napkin rings. Rather than something plain and ordinary, add a festive touch with some DIY napkin rings. You can glue baubles such as snowflakes or other charms to ordinary napkin rings to jazz them up. Another option is to make your own napkin rings. Roll the napkins and secure them with velvet ribbon and a jewelled buckle. Use rhinestone bracelets or beaded wire as napkin rings. Or, simply fold a napkin and wrap it in ribbon, lace, or another decorative material, even glitter.


Add Festive Details

Bring the holiday theme home by adding decorative elements to the napkin rings. Tie them with twine or another sort of string and add baubles such as beads, ornaments, bells, and even card paper cutouts. Faux flowers and bits of garland also work well. For a fresh take, consider wrapping your napkins with fresh flowers, or even sprigs of fresh herbs or bits of pine or fresh leaves, even acorns.

Create Name Cards or Message Tags

Another option is to convert napkins into placeholders. Print or hand write guests' names on pieces of paper and glue them to the napkin ring. Alternatively add tags, whether written on paper coasters, faux leaves, or other materials. You can also use the tags as a way to write messages in the spirit of the season.


Cross-Stitch and Embroider Napkins

If you are handy with a needle and thread, you can add a personal touch to your napkins by cross-stitching or embroidering initials or festive designs. If you are less handy with needlework, turn to iron-on transfers to achieve the same effect.

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