How to Accessorise Your Jeep Cherokee

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How to Accessorise Your Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee has been a popular vehicle since it was first introduced. Indeed, many people consider it to be the precursor to the modern sport utility vehicle (SUV), and one reason for that class of vehicle's rise to prominence. Some Jeep Cherokee owners are content to drive their vehicle with the standard factory-installed accessories. However, there are many ways to augment and improve a Jeep Cherokee, some of which are quite easy and others that can be more involved. Likewise, some Jeep Cherokee accessories are entirely practical while others may be mainly for entertainment or even simply for aesthetic purposes. No matter which type of accessory is most appealing, it is likely available at local auto parts retailers or online from eBay. Whether your Jeep Cherokee is driven off-road or merely used for errands around town, there are many different ways to accessorise it so as to enjoy it as much as possible at every turn.

Practical Accessories

As with any car purchase, there are many different features that may or may not come standard on any particular model of Jeep Cherokee. This is true whether the vehicle is purchased brand new from a dealership or used from a previous owner. Depending on which features are already installed on the car, further accessories may be necessary in order for it to be most useful. The Jeep's owner may install these utilitarian accessories, or a local mechanic or auto body repair shop can do the job.

Roof Rack

A roof rack can be a useful accessory for a Jeep Cherokee, particularly for those drivers who intend to take long journeys or carry a lot of cargo. A Jeep Cherokee roof rack usually features two rails that run parallel to the vehicle and a number of crossbars that go between those rails. Roof racks can be used to attach any type of heavy or bulky cargo to the roof of the Jeep, including sporting equipment or luggage.

Roof Box

While there are many different bulky items that can be strapped securely to a roof rack, for those items that are not rigid or simply need more protection, a roof box can be a good solution. These are hard-sided containers that are specifically designed to snap onto a roof rack. They can be filled with clothing, luggage, or any other items that do not fit inside the car for long trips or when carrying a lot of cargo for moving or other purposes.

Bike Rack

Although they may not always be used in such a way, Jeep Cherokees are specifically designed for use in more rugged environments, which makes them more attractive to more rugged people. For an outdoorsy type who is particularly active, a Jeep Cherokee could be a great solution for going mountain biking. However, those with multiple bicycles may not be able to easily fit all of their equipment into the Jeep along with their passengers. For this occasion, a bike rack that attaches to the back of the Jeep is an extremely useful accessory. These racks are generally removable and easy for the driver to install and remove.

Tow Bar

A Jeep Cherokee is a fairly heavy vehicle, meaning that it can be used for tasks that may not be possible with a smaller car. One of these uses is towing. A Jeep Cherokee can be fitted with a tow bar so as to easily attach a trailer to the back. A tow bar needs to be very firmly attached to the Jeep's body, otherwise it could present a safety hazard. Having a professional install this type of accessory is usually the best idea, but an experienced owner could also do it, if needed.

Navigation Accessories

Another way to accessorise your Jeep Cherokee is to add tools that make it easier to get around. Whether off-roading or just driving around an unfamiliar part of town, navigation accessories can be a tremendous help. Depending on your needs as well as your accessories budget, either a GPS system or a compass could be quite helpful.


A Global Positioning System, more commonly known as a GPS, can be extremely helpful when it comes to navigating a Jeep Cherokee or other vehicle. Some GPS devices can be installed permanently into the Jeep Cherokee's dashboard, while others are only mounted temporarily and can be hidden, stored, or even used in other vehicles when they are not needed in the Jeep. Generally speaking, it is more costly to have a permanent system installed by a professional, whereas the removable devices are easy for any driver to install him or herself.


For those drivers who cannot necessarily afford or do not want to invest in a GPS, a simple compass can be another useful navigation accessory. Many companies make compasses that can easily be affixed to the Jeep Cherokee's dashboard, and therefore, provide easy access to direction information at any time. Not only are these devices less costly than a GPS, they also do not require any type of power source, which can also be a benefit.

Entertainment Accessories

Anyone who goes on long trips with the entire family may want to consider investing in entertainment accessories for his or her Jeep Cherokee. These types of items can keep children, or even adults, entertained on long journeys and prevent too much complaining. For vehicles where a video screen in the backseat is not standard, consider mounting a tablet, such as an iPad, to the headrest of the front seat. There are mounting packages that make this quite easy and allow passengers to stream videos or play games easily.

Aesthetic Accessories

Most people pay close attention to the aesthetic appeal of their car. Many people even buy or lease their vehicle solely because they like how it looks. Still, even if someone likes how the car looks when it is initially purchased, its appearance can get old and require freshening. Luckily, there are some easy ways to accessorise your Jeep Cherokee so as to spruce up or merely change its appearance.

Spare Wheel Cover

One very popular way to accessorise a Jeep Cherokee is by adding a stylish cover to the spare wheel, which is situated on the back of the Jeep Cherokee in most versions. While the standard cover is usually branded with the Jeep logo, a specialty spare wheel cover can be used to convey the personality of the driver. It may feature the logo of a favourite sports team, a colourful design, or even a cartoon character.

Light Covers

There are many reasons why someone may want to accessorise the light fixtures on his or her Jeep Cherokee. Adding light covers can give the car a truly unique appearance and make it stand out in a crowd. The following table outlines some of the most common types of Jeep Cherokee light covers.

Type of Light Cover


Available For


Meant to shield lights from damage


Fog lamps

Turn signals

Parking lights


Specifically aesthetic, often in a blackout style


Tail lights


Useful for replacing damaged lights from accidents or wear

All lights

Replacing lights or adding covers is a unique and affordable way to change to look of a Jeep Cherokee. Before purchasing these types of covers, make sure they are specifically compatible with the Jeep Cherokee design.

How to Buy Jeep Cherokee Accessories on eBay

When you decide that it is time to invest the money and energy into accessorising your Jeep Cherokee, searching on eBay is a very good place to start. In order to find the Jeep Cherokee accessories you are looking for, enter some search terms into the search box on any page of the site. A search for "Jeep Cherokee accessories" yields many results, which can then be narrowed down using the eBay filters. A more specific search for something like "Jeep Cherokee tail lights" yields fewer results that may be more closely tailored to what you are looking for.

Depending on the type of accessories you are buying, shipping charges may play a large role in what you choose to purchase. This is because some Jeep Cherokee accessories can be quite heavy, and therefore, incur much higher shipping rates. Be sure to check with the seller before you complete your purchase if you have any questions about shipping or any other charges. You can easily contact the seller using the eBay interface's messaging system.


Purchasing and owning a Jeep Cherokee can be quite fun. Not only is the classic styling extremely timeless, the vehicles can be used for any number of activities. Whether the ultimate goal is to make it easier to participate in these activities, like cycling or travelling, or just to make the Jeep look a bit more stylish, there are proper accessories for doing just that. Depending on the type of accessory, it may be necessary for the item to be compatible with the Jeep Cherokee design. This is true of any accessory that needs to be securely attached for safety. Other items are generic, and so this compatibility is not an issue. Accessorising your Jeep Cherokee in whichever manner you see fit is a great way to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of the vehicle. By choosing accessories that are important to you and your family, your Jeep Cherokee can feel like a second home where everyone is comfortable and secure.

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