How to Accessorise a Daewoo Tacuma

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How to Accessorise a Daewoo Tacuma

Also known as Rezzo, Daewoo Tacuma is a compact MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) that falls in the 'small family car' category. Compact MPVs are known as 'space wagons' in Japan. GM Daewoo, a South Korean car manufacturer, has been producing Daewoo Tacumas since 2000. However, from 2008 onwards, Uzbekistan and Vietnam are producing the car. Rezzo was developed under the U100 codename. It is based on the original Daewoo Nubira J100 compact car. It was designed by Pininfarina, an Italian coachbuilder and car design firm. With the phase out of Daewoo as a brand in many export markets, Daewoo Tacuma was rebadged as Chevrolet. For the South American and South African markets, the Chevrolet Vivant nameplate was introduced.

Daewoo Tacuma, new or used, and the various parts and accessories can be acquired from automotive stores as well as online from the comfort of one's home. eBay features a large collection of cars, Daewoo Tacuma and others, and the related accessories in a number of variants beseeming a worldwide clientele.

Daewoo Tacumas

Daewoo Tacuma belongs to the compact MPV class of vehicles and has several common names including Daewoo Rezzo, Chevrolet Rezzo, Chevrolet Tacuma, Chevrolet Vivant, or simply Rezzo. From 2000-2008, GM Daewoo was producing Rezzos and from 2008 onwards, the production was shifted to its subsidiaries in Uzbekistan and Vietnam. In addition to these countries, Rezzos are assembled in South Korea, Poland, and Romania. Chevrolet Orlando, a five-door seven-seat compact MPV is considered to be the successor of Daewoo Tacuma and is in production since 2010. Daewoo Tacuma is a five-door minivan with a front-engine front-wheel-drive (FF) layout. The wheelbase of a Rezzo is typically 2500 mm (98.4 inches) while the kerb (curb) weight is generally between 1,272 kg (2,804 lbs) and 1,358 kg (2,994 lbs).

The reliability ratings of Daewoo Tacuma indicate that the reliability index (RI) of a Daewoo Tacuma is 116.00, the average age is about 6.07 years, average mileage is 43,138 miles, average repair costs are £337.25, and time off the road is about 2.53 hrs.

Daewoo Tacuma Engines

The famous Daewoo Tacuma engines are the 1.6 L Family 1 and the 2.0 L Family II straight-4 engines. Another engine, the 1.8 L engine, that was produced until 2005, has either a four-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission. The following table lists the fuel capacities, horsepowers, and powers of the various Daewoo Tacuma engines:

Fuel Capacity (Litre)







Horsepower (hp)







Power (kW)







The table is constructed from the publicly available information and a buyer is encouraged to do engine-specific research before making any purchasing decision. The seating capacity of Standard Tacumas is generally five. A special seven-seat version, however, has also been produced for the South Korean market. The maximum luggage capacity of a Daewoo Tacuma is about 1425 L.

In Korea, Rezzo is the common name for a Daewoo Tacuma. 2.0L E-TEC SOHC Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engines and 2.0 L Family II straight-4 engines are the most popular engines in Korea. Gasoline is extremely expensive; as a result of which most Daewoo Tacumas have LPG powered engines fitted in them in advance.

Daewoo Tacuma Car Parts and Accessories

A Daewoo Tacuma or Rezzo, whether new or used, can be accessorised according to one's personal preferences. New, reconditioned, or used Daewoo Tacuma parts can be acquired from Daewoo Tacuma breakers online. There are hundreds of Daewoo Tacuma Car Breakers across the UK. Buyers are advised to carry out a little research for competitive pricing. Many sellers specialise in car parts for multiple brands and some can even have the capacity to offer thousands of parts to accessorise a Daewoo Tacuma. The importance of online research cannot be stressed more. The more one researches, the higher the chances of getting a great deal because there are plenty of options for purchasing Daewoo Tacuma car parts and accessories from and a buyer can use the opportunity and turn the competition in his favour, getting real value for his money.

The Internet boom has dramatically changed the way people shop and the car parts and accessories industry is no exception. There were days when people had to search scrap yards and go through various auto magazines while looking for a single spare part. For days in and days out, a car had to be parked outside a house because finding the desired parts at the right price took a lot of time. Things have changed now and acquiring Daewoo Tacuma car parts of one's choice is just a few clicks away. In most of the cases, the parts are sent by the next-day delivery so that one can benefit from them as soon as possible.

Common Daewoo Tacuma Parts

The most common parts and accessories of a Daewoo Tacuma include but are not limited to the following: the belt drive, braking parts, car batteries, car bulbs, transmission and wheel parts, switches and sensors, service parts, steering and suspension parts, cooling and heating, engine parts, exhaust parts, fuel supply parts, lamps, mirrors and body parts, ignition parts, gaskets and seals, and many others. So it is basically up to a rider how he chooses to accessorise his Daewoo Tacuma.

New, Refurbished, and Used Daewoo Tacuma Accessories

New, refurbished, and used daewoo tacuma parts have their own pros and cons. New and genuine parts and accessories are always the best option if budget is not a constraint. Refurbished parts offer great value for the money and often come with a warranty just like new parts. Used Daewoo Tacuma parts are the most affordable of all. If proper research is done, a buyer may be able to grab a great deal from numerous trusted breakers online.

The first logical thing to do while purchasing anything online is thorough research. It not only includes acquiring the basic know-how of the various parts and accessories that may or may not be suitable for a Daewoo Tacuma but also the preliminary knowledge of the Daewoo Tacuma a buyer owns itself. The knowledge of the vehicle helps a lot in making a purchasing decision. A buyer can fearlessly place an order for a particular part he wants to have knowing that the chances of any kind of misunderstanding are already minimised.

Used Daewoo Tacuma Parts

Used Daewoo Tacuma parts are a great alternative to new or refurbished parts and accessories, especially for do-it-yourself home mechanics. The 'life' of used parts depends on the mileage they have already witnessed. This is where research comes into action. Thorough research can save a buyer a lot and enable him to acquire parts with a lot of life remaining in them. A buyer should be aware of the vehicle identification number (VIN), year, make, and model of his car.

The VIN is typically located near the firewall on the drivers side and can easily be viewed from outside the windshield. Non-electronic and non-mechanical parts are the ideal candidates for parts to be purchased used. Correct parts identification is also necessary. For old vehicles buying new parts is often recommended. Sometimes buyers also have the option of exchanging the old parts with the new ones with some additional money. Sellers use the parts to rebuild them and sell again.

Serial Numbers

The importance of knowing the prope names of Daewoo Tacuma parts and accessories cannot be stressed more. It is a good practice to keep the repair manual with pictures for reference. Correctly determining whether a used part is good enough for reuse is also important. Some parts and accessories should always be purchased new such as brakes and front-end chassis parts etc. Expensive and hard to find parts are mostly purchased used.

Buying Daewoo Tacuma Accessories on eBay

Daewoo Tacuma and the various accessories can easily be purchased from eBay. Use the search bar on the eBay homepage to enter a query and see the relevant results. For some search terms, eBay also suggests a few related searches which can help in getting down to the desired product in no time. Using the various filters (by simple selection/deselection) you can easily narrow down the results. You can also sort the results in more than one ways. Some queries for this case can be Daewoo Tacuma, Daewoo Tacuma car parts, Daewoo Tacuma engine, etc.

It is always recommended that you start looking for the desired products from your vicinity in order to save or reduce the delivery charges. This can be done by simply entering your postcode. If you are able to find the product(s) you were looking for in your neighbourhood, you can pick up the order from the nearest reseller at a convenient time as soon as the transaction is successfully processed. In the other case, look elsewhere on eBay. Never forget to go through the reseller feedback and product reviews so that you may have a better insight of the product(s).


Daewoo Tacuma is a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) and has a lot of common names. Some of them include Chevrolet Rezzo, Daewoo Rezzo, Chevrolet Vivant, Chevrolet Tacuma, or simply Rezzo. 'Space wagon' is the term used for a compact MPV in Japan while the term 'Rezzo' is mostly used for a Daewoo Tacuma in Korea. Rezzos are primarily based on the original Daewoo Nubira J100 compact car. An Italian car design and coachbuilder firm Pininfarina is attributed to have designed Daewoo Tacumas. Daewoo Tacuma was rebadged as Chevrolet after Daewoo phased out as a brand from many export markets.

A Daewoo Tacuma can be accessorised by new, refurbished, or used parts - both genuine and replicas. A buyer should carry out thorough online research to know what suits him the most. An introductory level knowledge of Daewoo Tacumas, the various engines, and the parts and accessories is imperative to make an informed purchasing decision. eBay features a gigantic collection of cars, Daewoo Tacumas and others, and the various related parts and accessories in a large number of variants befitting a worldwide clientage.

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