How to Accessorise a Pencil Skirt for a Day at the Office

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How to Accessorise a Pencil Skirt for a Day at the Office

The idea of a pencil skirt may seem boring, but it does not have to be. Though pencil skirts are perfect for work, they sometimes come across as too conservative. Adding accessories to your pencil skirt enhances the look and gives it some flair. Get ideas to accessorise your pencil skirt for work, and make your skirt a stylish statement instead of the same old office staple.



Make your work style shine by adding accessories. Don't leave jewellery at home just because you are going to work. Jewellery makes all the difference when it comes to adding pizzazz to your business look. Try adding bangle bracelets, an oversized statement necklace, or a skinny belt. One or two items livens up the look, but try to avoid wearing too many pieces at once. Put the focus on one piece of jewellery, and go for a subdued look everywhere else. For a sophisticated, timeless look, pair a pearl necklace with your pencil skirt. For a more modern, contemporary style, a bold necklace or colourful bangles work well.



Shoes are one of the most important additions to any outfit. If your office has a more colourful dress code, consider wearing contrasting shoes with your pencil skirt, such as fuchsia or coral shoes with a beige or black pencil skirt. Stick with heels to elongate your legs, but aim for fun styles such as heeled sandals to mix it up a bit and avoid the daily ritual of pumps. You do not have to match your belt with your shoes if you are looking for a more creative look; an animal print belt with green shoes is fun and daring. Opt for glittery flats to inject the look with style and stay comfortable all day. If your pencil skirt feels bland, let your shoes be the focus of your look and switch to strappy heels, flats or wedges, or even heeled boots or ankle boots to complement your look.


Sweater, Scarf, or Jacket

Layers are a great way to accessorise and update a pencil skirt. Wear a cardigan sweater with your pencil skirt over your blouse, and add a wide belt to the look. Or, tie a pretty scarf around your neck, or use it as a belt. Make a jacket more interesting by adding a sparkly brooch or a studded belt. A chunky statement necklace looks great with a solid coloured blouse and an open blazer with a printed pencil skirt. Take a basic black pencil skirt to the next level with a brightly coloured infinity scarf around your neck. A polka-dot sweater accessorises a coloured pencil skirt nicely, and a leather jacket adds chic toughness to an animal print pencil skirt. Play with texture and pattern to arrive at the right combination of accessories.

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