How to Apply Cheek Tint

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How to Apply Cheek Tint

Cheek tint, cheek stain, or liquid blush is a great alternative to powder blush because it sets in, stays longer, and offers the same or more colour to the cheeks. Applying cheek tint provides unique, realistic, and long-lasting results. Learn how to apply cheek tint so that you get professional-looking make-up every time.


Consider Your Face Shape for Cheek Tint

The best way to apply any cheek tint or any other type of blush is to identify your face shape and apply blush accordingly. Women with oval faces are flattered by the classic 'racing stripes' or straight lines of blush over the cheekbones. Those with rectangular faces benefit from adding a circular pattern of tint directly to the apples of the cheeks. If you have a round face, you can accentuate your cheekbones by using two dabs of cheek tint to create a downward stripe from the apples of your cheeks. Finally, women with triangular faces should create a V-shape from the highest point of the cheekbones and back. The apples of your cheeks are important for applying blush or cheek tint correctly. If you are unsure of where yours are, they are typically directly below the pupil on the cheekbone. The apple is the largest part of the cheek on a smiling face, so smiling at a mirror is another way to identify it.


Applying Cheek Tint

Cheek tint is intimidating to apply at first, but with some practice, is faster than applying regular powder blusher. The trick is to use small dabs of tint and then rub them into the desired area with your finger or preferably a make-up sponge or brush to avoid staining the fingers. Apply one dab at the apples of your cheeks and one to the next most prominent area of your face that you want to accent, and then rub the tint into the skin in the direction best suited for your face shape. For example, women with round faces can use two dabs right on the apple of their cheeks.


Shading with Cheek Tint

It is possible to shade with cheek tint just like you can with powder or cream blush. To pull off shading, simply apply dabs of different complementary colours or shades on the dots instead of a single shade. For example, the dot on the apple of the cheek could use a dark shade of baby pink, and then the dot on the cheekbone further back a lighter pink colour, which allows you to create a graduated blush on the cheeks to accent your make-up.

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