How to Apply Eye Make - Up

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The first thing is  to decide on the colours.  I am a traditionalist and always stick to a complimentary colour.  As my eyes are hazel, I have a choice of two colour palettes - either greens or browns.
I have two palettes which I always use.  My selection of greens which range from olive to jade green as well as a palette of smokey browns.
Regardless of whether I am having a 'green' or a 'brown' day, I always start with the eye liner which I apply first.  I have a lovely brown liquid eye liner which I use to rim my eyes.  On the outside lid, this accentuates the eye making it look bigger. It is vital that you let the eye liner dry before proceeding as otherwise it might smudge.
I then start with a light shade of eyeshadow on the inner section of both eyes before adding a darker shade to the outer eye lid.  These can then be blended together.  I used to do it the other way round but I now think having the darker shade on the outside gives greater definition to the eye.
Once I am happy with the colour blending, I may then add extra eyeliner if necessary.  Sometimes this may have been covered by the shadow.  After that,  I use the best, blackest mascara that I can afford.  Currently, I am using Clarins which I bought on ebay!  It really adds glamour to the final look and is impressive!
The whole process takes less than 5 minutes and it is well worth the effort.

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