How to Apply Eyeshadow

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1.) Prime your eyelids. Use eyeshadow primer, or a dab of liquid foundation or concealer. This step will help     keep your eyeshadow vibrant on your eyelids, not dull on your cheeks as the day goes on. Apply your primer with either a makeup sponge or clean fingers. Blend it from your lash line into your brow bone.

2.) Add a neutral color first, such as peach, beige or light brown. Apply only to lid.
This is known as your base. Your base should always be the lightest color of any colors you choose to blend.
A great base, or primer, will help your eyeshadow last longer by setting the makeup for the day, so don't be afraid to invest in a good base. A good base will also help define shadows on your eyes.

3.) Apply a slightly darker color to the crease. Keep it on your crease, and don't extend it upward. For a more bold look, use richer colors.
If you want to use three colors, use a light colored primer for the entire eye (nearly up to the brow), a slightly darker highlighter for the crease, and a darker main color for the lid. Start with primer first, move on to highlighter second, and finish off with the main color.
Choose colors that bring out the color in your eyes. Matching your eyeshadow to your eye color works great, as does contrasting. Apply a little white near your tear duct to really bring out the brightness in yours eyes.
Use soft, gentle strokes with your brush instead of more vigorous strokes. You're not trying to tattoo your eyes with permanent makeup; you're giving them a nice coat of color that will eventually wash off. If you're worried about the eyeshadow wearing off during the day, invest in higher-quality eyeshadow, as it lasts much longer and usually sports more vibrant colors.

4.) Apply your other eye makeup. Take care not to get mascara or eyeliner on your eyeshadow. If this does happen, a dry cotton swab placed on the spot and gently twisted should remove the makeup with minimal eyeshadow smudging.
Wash your brushes regularly. Ideally, have a couple different brushes on hand, so that you can blend without tainting the color as you apply it. Use Wet-Ones in between applications to keep your brushes working their best, and ask your makeup artist for instructions on washing your brushes when they're dirty.

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