How to Apply Foundation

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How to Apply Foundation

Foundation is a popular cosmetic applied to the face and is designed to hide skin imperfections and blemishes, providing the wearer with an even textured complexion. It can also help to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Foundation comes in various shades designed to match a person's skin tone. It can also be found in a wide array of coverage types and formulations.

Foundation can be applied in a number of ways, depending on the type used. Some choose to apply foundation with a finger, while others prefer using a specialised foundation brush. Other types of foundation can be airbrushed directly onto the skin. When purchasing foundation, buyers should learn how to recognise their skin type, understand the various types of foundation, and familiarise themselves with the important aspects that help them to choose the best type. Foundation is available from make-up boutiques, department stores, chemists, and online retailers, such as eBay.

Identifying Skin Type

Before choosing a foundation, buyers should identify their skin type: some foundations are better suited to those with specific skin types. It is important to remember that skin type can change with the seasons or with age. In order to determine their skin type, buyers should consult the table below to see which characteristics best describe them.

Skin Type



Complexion is even

Skin surface is neither too oily nor too dry

Pores are small

Face is supple with few lines, creases, or wrinkles

Face has few spots


Face has an all-over shine

Shine happens quickly

Pores are large or open

Face suffers from frequent blemishes

Face has minimal lines or wrinkles


T-zone is oily

Skin on the cheeks is normal to dry

Skin suffers from spots on the chin, nose, cheeks, or forehead

Pores on the chin and cheeks are enlarged


Pores are undetectable

Face looks and feels dry and tight

Complexion has a ruddy appearance

Cheeks or chin are flaky and dry

Face has lines or wrinkles around the eyes and mouth


Face has blotchy patches that are dry or red

Face has rosacea

Skin is delicate or thin

Face has sensitivity to products, and experiences burning or flushing

It is important for buyers to choose a foundation that caters for their skin type. This helps to create a youthful appearance and healthy looking skin. Buyers with dry skin should consider using a foundation with a moisturiser as this helps to hydrate the skin.

Types of Foundation and Application Techniques

There are several types of foundation available from high end brands such as Estee Lauder to cheaper brands such as Collection. Buyers should choose the best formulation based on their skin type. Those with an high number of marks on the face may best benefit from a concealer or liquid foundation, while those with flawless skin may benefit from a tinted moisturiser. In general, thicker, drier foundation conceals more, but it is more difficult to blend. On the other hand, light make-up blends easily, but makes it difficult to conceal skin impurities. The perfect foundation should vanish into the wearer's skin and not be noticeable.

Tinted Moisturiser

Tinted moisturisers are ideal for those who do not need a lot of coverage. They are best suited to wearers with normal or dry skin. The tint helps to even out a person's skin tone by softening the appearance of the skin. This type of foundation also acts as a moisturiser, eliminating the need to apply a separate moisturiser before the foundation, and leaving the face feeling fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Mousse and Whipped Foundation

Mousse and whipped foundations are ideal for all skin types, especially dry or ageing skin. They are best described as liquid make-up with air whipped in, helping to provide a lighter and smoother texture. The texture of the foundation makes it easy to apply in thin layers. The foundation glides smoothly over the face, whereas other types of foundation are more susceptible to becoming caked in fine lines and wrinkles. Mousse and whipped foundation is available in a spray or aerosol can. They tend to be more expensive than other types, which is often a deterrent to those on a tight budget.

Liquid Foundation

As the name suggests, liquid foundation comes in a liquid form. It applies smoothly to the face, and is preferred by many. For full coverage and control, liquid foundation is usually applied with a small make-up brush or a damp make-up sponge. Liquid foundation can often be found in sun protection factor (SPF), waterproof, smudge proof, and all day coverage versions. Although they offer more features, these versions tend to contain added oils and waxy ingredients that can lead to clogged pores or slight skin irritation. Buyers with sensitive skin should exercise caution when wearing specialised foundation.

Cream to Powder Foundation

Cream to powder foundation is ideal for those with normal, combination, or dry skin. The foundation changes from a liquid to a solid state as it is applied to the wearer's face. Once dried, the powder helps to minimise facial oils, while providing long-lasting coverage. Cream to powder foundation can be found in compacts, tubes, or bottles. It is often preferred as it can be applied easily. It provides a heavier coverage than other types.


Unlike other types of foundation that are applied evenly to the face, concealer is typically used for spot treatment. Its thickness and even tint help to conceal blemishes, acne, and dark circles under the eyes. Concealer can be found in both compacts and cover sticks.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation is a fairly new concept in the make-up industry and has grown increasingly popular due to its light weight and superior coverage. Mineral foundation is often preferred by those with allergies and sensitive skin. It is ideal for most skin types, but should be avoided by those with oily skin. Mineral foundation uses very few ingredients and avoids the use of chemical dyes. Mineral foundation is available in a loose powder form and is best applied with a soft make-up brush.

Factors to Consider When Buying Foundation

When searching for the perfect foundation, there are many aspects to consider. For ultimate coverage, buyers should choose a foundation that reflects their lifestyle and skin type.

Sunscreen for Foundation

In addition to providing facial coverage, some foundations contain minimal amounts of SFP. This is ideal for those who spend a large amount of time outdoors. It is recommended that an additional layer of sunscreen is worn under the foundation if the whole day is spent in the sun.

Waterproof Foundation

Waterproof foundation is ideal for those who find themselves spending time around water. It allows the wearer to swim without worrying about whether skin imperfections will be noticeable after leaving the water.

Shades of Foundation

When searching for foundation, buyers should consider the various shades available. The right shade should blend perfectly with a person's skin colour. Yellow-based foundations provide a natural look for all skin tones. However, those with very fair skin may prefer a pink, cooler shade.

Level of Coverage of Foundation

When choosing a foundation, buyers should consider the level of coverage that they need. Those with good skin should consider a light coverage for the most natural look, while those with a greater number of blemishes or who have an uneven skin tone should consider a medium coverage foundation.

How to Buy Foundation on eBay

Shopping for foundation on eBay is a good idea because you may find a product at fraction of its usual cost. The selection of foundation available on eBay is large, so to navigate to eBay's products, buyers should use the search bar located on the eBay home page.. Buyers are free to enter any related key terms such as "liquid foundation&". Once you have been redirected to the new page, select the desired features of the foundation to narrow down the results.

Alternatively, buyers can search for foundation using eBay's advanced search feature. This feature allows buyers to limit their search results based on price or other factors. Buyers may also use this convenient feature to search by Top-rated sellers. Top-rated sellers are known for dealing fairly and have received consistent positive feedback ratings from previous buyers. Knowing this information can help a buyer to feel comfortable and confident throughout the shopping process.


When searching for foundation, buyers should first consider their skin type. Those with oily skin should select products that are oil free, while those with dry skin should choose a foundation that adds moisture to the face. Buyers should also consider the various types of foundation available and the level of coverage that they provide when applied correctly. Tinted moisturisers provide a minimal level of coverage, while mousse and whipped foundations not only help to eliminate skin imperfections, but also diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Foundation is also available in a range of different forms that can be applied with the fingers or a make-up brush, including liquid, cream, or powder.

Buyers should also bear in mind their complexion in order to find the appropriate shade of foundation. For added versatility, many manufacturers offer waterproof foundation and formulas that contain SPF. With so many foundation listings to choose from, eBay can help every buyer to find the perfect make-up for long-lasting coverage.

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