How to Arrange Flowers

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How to Arrange Flowers

Flower arrangements add beauty and life to any space. They make great gifts and are appropriate for many occasions, such as anniversaries, Valentine's Day, birthdays, or graduations. Flower arrangements are also one of the easiest gifts to personalise by adding the recipient's favourite colours or flowers to the arrangement. Store bought flower arrangements may get expensive, so by choosing flowers and arranging them themselves, buyers are able to save money and create the perfect customised arrangement. Some people also choose to use fake flowers for decorative arrangements that last.

Floral supplies are one of the easiest ways to spruce up an arrangement. Floral supplies are purchased in brick and mortar stores, or online using eBay. By purchasing the supplies on eBay and creating their own arrangement, buyers are able to save money and create the exact look they want. Before creating a flower arrangement, it is important to understand the floral supplies available, as well as tips for arranging flowers in a bouquet.

Types of Floral Supplies

Creating a floral arrangement makes a great gift or decorative addition to any room. Aside from flowers, there are many supplies available to make creating a bouquet simple and personalised.

Vases or Wraps

Flower bouquets come in either vases or wraps. Both vases and wraps come in many colours and varieties, making it easy to personalise the arrangement. Wraps are thin, usually paper wraps that are wrapped in a cone shape around the flower stems. Wraps are great for giving gifts since they are simple and affordable, but flowers should not be kept in wraps for long periods of time since they need to be in water. If flowers are purchased or given in a wrap, they must be transferred to a vase to keep the flowers vibrant and healthy.

Some people choose to create arrangements in vases. Although vases are more expensive than wraps, it saves the recipient from having to transfer flowers into the vase themselves. Also, there are different shapes and sizes of vases, and the arrangement is often created to fit in a specific vase. Another benefit of using a vase over a wrap when giving a bouquet as a gift is that the recipient is able to keep and reuse the vase after the flowers are gone.

Floral Wires

While some flowers are able to easily stand up on their own, others require a floral wire attached to the flower to keep it upright. Floral wires are thin metal wires attached to the flower stem. Some flowers are heavier than others, and wilt quickly without a floral wire holding it up. Floral wires are easily hidden in bouquets and arrangements, and help to lengthen the life of the arrangement by keeping the flowers in place. Some wires are adorned with beads or charms, and are also used to add flair to an arrangement.

Decorative Additions

Aside from flowers, there are many different decorative additions used to customise flower arrangements. Many people choose to add decorative pieces based on the occasion, such as birthday or wedding decorations. Feathers are also popular for adding some flair to bouquets. Beads, fake fruit, and ribbons are also popular additions to otherwise plain bouquets. Decorative additions make it easy to customise the bouquet for the occasion or recipient.

How to Arrange Flowers

Learning how to arrange flowers is a great way to save money and personalise an arrangement. By understanding the tips to arranging flowers, it is easy to create a beautiful, long lasting flower bouquet.

Choose the Flowers

When creating a bouquet, there are a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Flowers are chosen based on their meaning, or the recipient's favourite flowers or colours. It is important to choose colours that compliment each other so the arrangement is beautiful and balanced. Some people choose to give flowers based on their meaning, to represent a certain emotion or feeling.

Type of Flower



Gratitude, remembrance








First Love


Regal, celebration, enthusiasm, ambition


Love, friendship, unity, purity




Caring, love, forgiveness, faithfulness

Flowers represent many things, such as love or gratitude, but flowers do not need to be purchased based on their meanings. When choosing flowers for their meaning, many people choose to just give the one type of flower, such as red roses to represent love.

Prepare the Vase

After choosing flowers and deciding on a vase or wrap, it is important to prepare the vase before adding flowers. Wraps do not need to be wrapped around the bouquet until it is finished, but vases must be thoroughly cleaned before creating an arrangement. Some people choose to use other household items as vases, such as tea pots or bowls, which must also be thoroughly cleaned before use. Especially when reusing a vase, it is important to clean it to make sure all of the residue is gone. For clear vases, sand, stones, or beads make great decorative accents when added to the bottom of the vase.

After the vase is cleaned, add room temperature or lukewarm water to the vase, as well as flower food if it is available. For flowers that have not bloomed yet, warm water helps to speed along the process. Despite what some people may think, it is not recommended to add sugar to the water to keep the flowers fresh.

Prepare the Flowers

Flowers must also be prepared before putting them into an arrangement. First, flowers should be cut at least 2.5 centimetres from the base of the stem. Shorter vases may require shorter flowers, so the height of the flowers is determined by the height of the vase. Cutting the flower stems on an angle allows the flower to absorb more nutrients. Also, any leaves on the stem that are lower than the water level should be removed in order to keep the flowers fresh. Some people sear the stems in the bottom of a hot pan to keep the nutrients sealed into the stem.

Pollen stamens should also be removed from their base on the flower. Removing the pollen ensures that the flower does not pollinate, which decreases its life span. Also, removing the pollen prevents the pollen from staining flower petals or other objects. Finally, any floral wires should be added to weak stems before arranging the flowers in the vase.

Arrange the Flowers

When arranging flowers, begin by placing the largest, most prominent flowers in the vase first. The flowers should be placed in the vase in different angles and should be arranged so the vase looks balanced. After the large flowers are arranged and evenly spaced out around the vase, smaller flowers or foliage should be added. Many people choose to use leaves or branches as foliage to add volume and depth to the bouquet. The flowers and foliage should be moved around the vase until the arrangement looks balanced and there are no gaps. Once the arrangement is complete, decorative accents or ribbons may be added into the mix. When using a wrap, flowers may be tied with a string to hold the stems in place and wrapped into the flower wrap.

How to Purchase Floral Supplies on eBay

Creating floral arrangements make personalised gifts or beautiful decorations. Purchasing pre arranged flowers may be expensive, and is less personalised than a homemade arrangement. Floral supplies are available to customise flowers for any occasion, and help make creating an arrangement simple and quick. eBay offers a wide variety of floral supplies, making it easy to create an affordable arrangement.

The simplest way to find floral supplies on eBay is with the use of keywords in the keyword search bar. If you are searching for something specific, you can search a specific term, such as 'floral wires'. If you want to browse different supplies to see what would best fit with your vision, you can use a broader term, such as 'floral supplies'. eBay also makes it easy to stay within your budget by allowing you to set your price maximum. Setting your price maximum ensures you are able to find what you are looking for without going outside of your price range.


Flowers represent many things to people. Flowers say 'get well soon' or 'congratulations', among many other things. Flower arrangements make personalised, thoughtful gifts for almost any occasion. Purchasing flower arrangements, however, can be a somewhat expensive project. Making a homemade bouquet makes it easy to personalise the bouquet with the recipient's favourite flowers, colours, or decorative floral accents. By learning how to arrange flower bouquets, people are able to create a customised, affordable gift for anyone.

It is important to take care of the flowers after making the arrangement to ensure they last. Water should be changed every couple of days, and flowers should be kept out of direct sunlight or extreme heat. By properly preparing the flowers and taking care of them once they are arranged, the flowers are sure to last. Learning how to arrange flowers means having a quick, versatile gift perfect for any recipient or occasion.

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