How to Avoid Packing & Posting Breakages & be Green

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It would seem simple wouldnt it to say *Pack your items well*

However, this is not quite the case as can be seen every year from Royal Mails "Christmas lost and broken christmas gifts".

Firstly, consider what your item is.

Does it have sharp points? has it thin sections that can snap off? is it very delicate?

No matter what the answer is, even if you are sending a rubber ball in the post, it is safer to pack it well then just use flimsy paper and hope for the best.

A reason why some sellers do not pack well is down to cost, as stupid as it may seem these sellers wish to make a profit on every section of their sales.

If, you cannot afford to purchase bubble wrap, (and why should you always?) then dont worry, the likely hood that you do not have an old/used newspaper that can be shredded or even have recieved goods previously that have stuffing or shredded paper are remote.

Keep those packing *chips*, keep the bubble wrap, keep the foam sheets, rather then putting them in the bin be green about it and keep it to then be recycled  for your own sales.

So many people these days have shredders simply because its a good way of safe-guarding your identy ect from thieves.

Make use of all that shredded material, you are also recycling at the same time!

A word of caution, it would seem that some people try to stick the shreaded papers back together, dont be foolish..mix up your home shredded material so that even "Sherlock Holmes" couldnt piece it together!

Firstly: Look at your item, judge its weekest point if it has one, pack your shredded paper/bubble-wrap, foam or foam chips around that area, use tape to hold it in place.

Secondly: Place more stuffing/wadding material around the rest of the item/s so that it looks like your item/s sit in a nest.

Thirdly: Re use boxes, I dont think it hurts to receive say a china plate in a box that was originaly for a coffee pot, after all the buyer is not buying the box, again this is another "Green" method.

Please note that IF your box is too big for your item then either fully pack it, or cut it down. Its never good packing practice to have your item loose in a box with too little stuffing/wadding, this is a recipe for disaster and leads to breakages.

Fourthly: If your box is not plain in decoration, then fully wrap it as you would any parcel, ensureing ends are taped securely!

When I post items I tape both the opening end and closed ends.

If you keep your packing material from goods recieved and re use boxes/envelopes then that has to be good for the enviroment, it also means that you dont spend excessive amounts of money on packing.

Happy Ebaying!

And thank you for

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