How to Breastfeed - A Useful Guide to Breast Feeding

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~ A Useful Memory Aid Guide to Breastfeeding

Because many experts claim that women are likely to become 'forgetfull' when you are pregnant
This guide is intended to actually help you remember how to breastfeed when the time arrives!!!

Remember: "Baby to breast, tummy to mummy and nose to nipple!"

This should help you acheive the right position with your baby and to help avoid complications
A description of what each means is below...


Baby to Breast

Sit yourself comfortable before feeding (use lots of pillows etc to cushion you) then when you're happy, bring your baby to your breast. If you do this the otherway round for example then you may experience backache and feel uncomfortable.

Tummy to Mummy

When cradling your baby in your arms to feed, remember to face your babies tummy towards yours - this ensures your baby is comfortable and latches on correctly!

Nose to Nipple

Finally remember to position your baby's nose in-line with your nipple, so that when your baby opens his mouth, he/she will acheive the right position to latch on correctly! If you forget to do this one, then it may result in sore and cracked nipples.

~ And that's it!

It's as easy as "Baby to breast, tummy to mummy and nose to nipple!"


Please note: this guide was written by a mother successful of breastfeeding two babies for 6 months each and is designed to provide general information only.

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