How to Brighten a Room without Steady Daylight

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How to Brighten a Room without Steady Daylight

Not all rooms in a home receive equal amounts of light. Fortunately, there are many ways to brighten a room without steady daylight. From adding more lighting to making use of paint and mirrors, these techniques make a room appear more welcoming and friendly.


Clean Your Windows

One of the first things to do is to clean any windows you do have. Even rooms without steady daylight allow some light in from outside. By cleaning the windows you allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room. If possible, consider installing larger bay windows, which allow even more light to the room.


Use Paint

The paint colour in the room is among the biggest factors in how bright the room appears. Dark or muted colours absorb light, and give the room a darkened look to begin with. When designing a room that does not receive steady daylight, use reflective or bright colours. White, cream, and yellow are just a few colours that make an impact. Choosing high gloss or semi-gloss paint also helps as it gives an extra reflective surface for any light coming into the room. With bright colours, even a room without daylight appears bright.


Use Mirrors and Art

Mirrors add another reflective surface to the room. They can reflect light around the room, illuminating spaces that do not receive natural light. Placing a mirror directly across from an open window creates an illusion of another source of light. While not as effective, artwork can help add a reflective surface and prevent you from having a room full of mirrors. Framed art can have reflective glass in front that bounces light around the room. For best effect, make sure that mirrors and artwork are clean and polished.


Make Use of Space

The space in a room can change the quality of light the room receives. Tall and enclosing furniture is an obstruction for light. Low-sitting couches and chairs do not block light like couches or chairs with high backs. Choosing brightly coloured furniture has a positive effect, just as choosing bright colours for painting the room does. A glass coffee table creates an open look, as well as allowing light to pass through it as it moves around the room. Any cabinets or tables benefit the room by having a light brown or similar finish, as opposed to dark matte finishes. These absorb light in the room, creating a problem.


Add Additional Sources of Light

The simplest way to brighten a room is to add additional light sources. A small corner lamp can illuminate dark corners of the room. Ceiling lights provide an even blanket of lighting around the entire room. Fitting your light fixtures with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs creates bright white light for the room, while incandescent lights create a soft warm glow. While that is nice, that soft glow does not brighten the room as strongly.

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