How to Build Your Dream Bicycle

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Ican bikes produces leisure style and sports style carbon bike.include cyclocross bikes,mountain bikes and racing bikes.In order to meet different customer needs,Ican bikes provide “DIY Your Dream Bike” Project.Just 3 simple steps,then you can own you dream bike..So easy,let’ go.

Step 1,Choose your dream carbon bike frame

First of all,need to have a very clear mind,which style bike you want. leisure style or sports style.then we can easy to choose.
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Step 2,Choose the carbon Wheelset

About the Road Bike Wheelset,ICAN Bikes provide Clincher and Tubular Wheelset.Such as 38C/38T Wheelset.Then 26er/27.5er/29er Clincher Wheelset for mountain bike. You can see below:

Road Bike Carbon Wheelset

38mm Clincher Wheelset  38mm Tubular Wheelset (21mm Width Rim )
40mm Clincher Wheelset 
40mm Tubular Wheelset (27mm Width Rim )
50mm Clincher Wheelset 
50mm Tubular Wheelset (21mm Width Rim )
56mm Clincher Wheelset 
56mm Tubular Wheelset (27mm Width Rim )

we also provide Custom Wheelset

38C/50C  40C/56C 56C/86C
38T/50T  40T/56T 56T/86T

Step 3,Pick Up the bicycle parts

    we provide all the bike parts and offer different size for you,just pick up what you like.
  •  Shimano Groupset for Road Bike:4600/5700 Shimano 105 / 6800 Ultegra Groupset
  •  Shimano Groupset for MTB Bike:596/SLX670 / XT M gourp set / XT L Groupset
  •  Sram Groupset for Road Bike:Road group set / Sram Red
  •  Sram Groupset for MTB Bike:X-5 30SPEED / X-7 30SPEED / X-9 20SPEED / X-9 30SPEED / X-O 20SPEED / X-O 30SPEED
Fork Stem
  •  ST002(31.6*90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm)
MTB Handlebar:
  • HB001(580mm/600mm/620mm/640mm/660mm/680mm)
  • HB011(580mm/600mm/620mm/640mm/660mm/680mm) 
Racing Bike Handlebar
  • HB003(400mm/420mm/440mm) 
  • HB004(400mm/420mm/440mm)
  • HB005(400mm/420mm/440mm)
  • H373(Tapered Headset) 
  • H52(Headset Top:1-1/8'' Headset Down:1-1/8'')
  • SP006 (31.6*300mm/350mm/400mm)
  • SP002(27.2*300mm/350mm/400mm)
  • SD006(Carbon)
  • SD007(Normal Saddle)
  • ICAN H011
Quick Release Cover Tires
  • MICHELIN Red cover tyre 700*23
Inner Tube
  • KENDA 700*23/25C FV
About the other parts,such as carbon spacer, hanger. Seatpost clamp,we Will give you as gift. That is it, so easy, right ?Your job have been done so far,great. the next work just let us finish.our professional guys Will combine
    the parts,you just need to mount the padal, handlebar, and wheelset,(consider the shipping cost).then your dream bike will be at your door 7-12 days,depend on your location.
 If you have no ideas what bike you like,why not take a look at our ICAN full bikes, we have prepared some chioces for you,will have one fit you. 

ICAN Full Bike           
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Buyer Should Know

1  Declared Value
 I think that is the most customers concerned. Because the full bike cost much, consider our customers will pay high taxes,then we have a solution.we ship out with two solid cartons,one is for bike frame and other parts,the other one is for wheelset and the other parts,each carton we will make the declared value as 200 USD.then that will save some taxes.or if you have better ideas,just contact us.we are on your side.
2  Custom Design Painting
ICAN Bikes offer painting service, you can use our ICAN paintings or your own design, or even just your ideas, then our designer can do that job for you.and will take 5 working days (ICAN paintings), if use yours will take about 2 weeks and extra cost.
3  Package
Other one is for wheelset and parts.attached some photos.the whole bike weight about 8-12kg.depend on what frame and wheelset you choose.and the solid carton box weight 2.5kg each one.So the totally weight would be about 17 kg.
4  Shipping
Normally we use China EMS shippping service,because it is easy to make a custom clearance and cheaper shipping cost.normally it will take 7-15 days to arrival.We also provide DHL service.Pls contact us,then we will tell you the shipping cost.Before confirming reception of the parcel,you have to check the items carefully before you sign and receive them, we are responsible for damage during the transportation! not responsible for any damage caused by customer. If the items were damaged during the shipping process. please refuse to sign.the courier will send back the package to our company.If you sign for the parcel and later find out that the items are damaged, we will not be held responsible.
5  Warranty
 ICAN Bikes offer two year warranty of carbon frame and wheelset,if you buy frame or wheelset from us,then you can get a warranty card,that warranty card show the date you buy the frame or guarantee period, if the frame or wheelset have quality problems,then you can sent back to us,we will repair or make a replacement for you.and buyer should pay the shipping cost.Attached our warranty card.

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