How to Build a Powerful PC for under £800

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How to build a Powerful PC for around £800

When you build your own PC, you have total control of what goes in it, to a certin digree, in this guide i'll discribing how build a Fast, Stabe and powerful for £800 ish.

1. First off you need to consider what the PC is used for.

2. Who much you want to spend

3. Select a list of components to put inside it.


Now lets go thourgh th the components:

1. CPU - At this time Intel are the king in this market, so a Q6600,  Q6700 are Excellent CPU's at very good price, or the Q9400, Q9450 are more expensive all 4 cpus are excellent

2. RAM - if using x86 32BIT Windows that 4GB of DDR2 RAM is good, with Windows x64 get 8GB very cheap now GEIL Black Dragon is a good choice @ £75.

3. VIDEO - For is Nvidia every time, As they have Physx and more importently CUDA which speeds up apps like Photoshop CS4 and other new Photo/Video Editing programs

     The 9800GTX+ is a good choice allround price/performance 250GTS is better and 260GTX would be best for this example for gamers if you chosen a Q6600 or Q6700 as they are cheaper

     As the goal is to sped around £800 for the sake of this guide.

4. Motherboard, We wont go SLI in this guide so well stick to a Intel Chipset board. intel P45 or X38 boards are great and very stable aslo very overclockable depending which one you get, ASUS are a good for this i have used many in the past and

no problems you are looking to spend up to £100 on this.

5. PSU - Power supply, most people spend a lot on the first 4 component and they try and save on the PSU, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Get a good, branded PSU at this spec we want abou 700Watts

   Brands such as. Collermaster, PC power and Cooling, Antec, are good there are others but avoid Cheap PSUs at all cost.

6. CPU Coller. This this very importent if you want to overclock the CPU, or even if you dont overclock its stilll a good idea to get a Good CPU cooler, as they are quiater and much cooler also look much better, Zlaman, Asus are ones i have used there are others, one should spend £30-£45 on a good cooler - its worth every penny.

7. Case This is one i'll leave to your own taste, for price and performance the Antec900 and 900 II are very good, Large and have plenty of cooling.. there are many others

8. Now look in your pocket and see how much change you have left for DVD Writer, Hard drives

9. Get some good CPU Paste ( Thermal Compound) never use whats supplied with the after market fans.

10. The Monitor is not included so again its what you want... 24" monitors are slowely becoming the standard now and price has dropped somewhat £250 should buy you a good samsung FULL HD 1920x1200 24" screen

      Get 2 if you can.

So lets summerise:

CPU: £150 for Q6600/Q6700  

RAM: £75

VGA: £110 for 250GTS £160 for 260GTX

MB: about £100

PSU: £80

Case: £75

DVD: £20 or less

HDD: 500GB £50

Cooler : £35

Pate: £5


And you may have enough change for a screen too.

Above pc will play Most latest games and be able to use Adobe CS4, and similer programs

as well watchinmg the odd youtube videos.

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