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How to Buy

I have a personal selection process for buying items.
1) Use search engine to try and ascertain average retail value
2) Search on ebay filter "P+P lowest first" to see best total cost, eBay will usually filter listings under a "default" setting.
3) If you need item quickly, filter search for "Buy it Now" only and repeat 2) or filter for "item distance (nearest first" and see if you can pick up by visiting the seller. Failing that, search for auctions "ending soonest".
4) When you have found best price with P+P costs included, go to 5)
5) Check Seller credentials, are they 95% - 100% rated? The lower the %, the more diligent you will need to be. Consider searching feedback for the product you are trying to buy, did others receive, were they pleased?
6) Ask any Questions you have before buying. If the seller responds quickly, this is a good trust sign. Ask questions to multiple sellers if the prices for the same item are similar/ close, some sellers may not even respond! Sometimes it is advisable to simply ask a question to see if a response is even received (personally, it is a measure of how important your business is to the seller).
7) Make your purchase, it might be preferable to use paypal to get item quickly. Make sure your PayPal account is verified.
8) If you have any issues with the purchase at any point, you can use the dispute service offered by eBay.
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