How to Buy AAA Batteries on eBay

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How to Buy AAA Batteries on eBay

AAA batteries are essential in many households. They are commonplace power sources found in numerous everyday devices, from remote controls to alarm clocks and digital cameras. There are different types to choose from, with the main distinction being between rechargeable and disposable batteries. Within these two categories there are also different battery types, including nickel-metal hydride, nickel-zinc, and alkaline. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages: some are suited to high drain devices, while others are not, but they are lightweight and hold their charge for many years. Buyers need to be aware of the different types of AAA batteries available on eBay, and the properties of each type so that they can purchase the best kind for their devices.

eBay offers a range of AAA batteries at low prices that buyers love. As well as the low prices, eBay has the advantage of allowing buyers to browse at their leisure from the comfort of home. eBay has a simple website, packed with helpful features to make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

AAA Batteries Explained

AAA batteries are small, cylindrical charged units. They are commonly found in many portable devices, such as remote controls, digital cameras, and a range of children's toys. AAA batteries can be rechargeable or disposable. There are both advantages and disadvantages to each type as described in the chart below. This chart allows buyers to make an informed decision as to which type of AAA battery best meets their needs.

Type of Battery




Can be used repeatedly

Saves money over time

Loses charge gradually so a warning is given when it is time to replace them

Better for the environment

More expensive purchase price than disposable batteries

Need to be charged after long-term storage

Take time to recharge so spare batteries often required


Initially inexpensive


Long shelf life

More expensive over time

Sudden loss of power

Short lifespan

Harmful to the environment

The chart above shows the key advantages and disadvantages of rechargeable and disposable AAA batteries. Using the chart, buyers can weigh up the pros and cons quickly and easily to identify the best type for their devices.

Types of Rechargeable AAA Batteries

The type of rechargeable AAA battery required depends on which type of device is to be used. Knowing the types of rechargeable batteries available on eBay helps a buyer choose the best type to pair with their devices.

Rechargeable Alkaline AAA Batteries

Alkaline AAA batteries are available in rechargeable and disposable models. Rechargeable alkaline AAA batteries are suited to low drain devices such as remote controls and gamepads. They do not perform well in high drain devices, such as digital cameras. These rechargeable AAA batteries require a special charger for alkaline batteries only.

Advantages of Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries

The main advantage of rechargeable alkaline batteries is that they are very inexpensive compared to other rechargeable types. Another advantage is that they hold their charge very well when not in use: if correctly stored, alkaline AAA batteries can hold their charge for up to ten years. These batteries are slow to charge, and should be allowed to fully discharge before being recharged. This is because, the charge capacity is slightly reduced every time the battery is charged, therefore, they wear out much more quickly if charged too often.

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Nickel-metal hydride AAA batteries are suited to most types of devices, but do not have a long shelf life when not in use. These batteries can be used in cold weather, but should not be used if temperatures are below zero. They can be recharged over and over again without adversely affecting the performance of the battery. Nickel-metal hydride AAA batteries have a high voltage, offering a bright light in devices such as torches, but they can cause problems if a device does not have a voltage regulator, which helps to prevent the circuits from burning out.

Nickel-Zinc AAA Batteries

Nickel-zinc AAA batteries are well suited to high voltage devices, but, like nickel-metal hydride, these batteries can burn out and overload circuits if used in devices with no regulator. They do not hold their charge well when not in use, and should be charged regularly to avoid deterioration, even if they are not used. Nickel-zinc AAA batteries are a good option for use in high drain devices such as digital cameras. It should be noted that this type of rechargeable AAA battery can be difficult to find in the UK, although they can be found on eBay.

Types of Disposable AAA Batteries

Disposable AAA batteries cannot be recharged. They are usually less expensive than rechargeable models, but have a greatly reduced lifespan and are harmful to the environment, although some are recyclable. They are simply thrown away or recycled when dead.

Disposable Alkaline AAA Batteries

Disposable alkaline AAA batteries are very popular. They are widely available and very inexpensive. Over 60 percent of batteries purchased in the UK are alkaline. They have an excellent shelf life, and are great for use in children's toys, remote controls, and MP3 players. They do not perform well when powering high drain devices such as digital cameras and they are more prone to leaks than other disposable batteries.

Lithium AAA Batteries

Lithium AAA batteries are a good choice for use in both low and high drain devices. Their very long lifespan makes them great for low drain devices, such as remote controls, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. They are more expensive than alkaline batteries, but perform well in sub-zero temperatures. Their light weight also makes them a good choice for storing in a backpack when on the move.

Buying AAA Batteries on eBay

There are many AAA batteries that are available to purchase on eBay. Buyers should search from on the eBay home page, then they can narrow down their search results by using the filters on the results page. These filters may include a price range, or the condition of the battery, either new or used. Buyers can narrow down the results by using extra keywords in the search bar, such as 'rechargeable AA batteries', or the type of battery such as 'alkaline AAA batteries', or 'lithium AAA batteries'. This can save the buyer time when searching for a particular type of battery. However, if unsure about type of battery required then browsing through the results may provide inspiration.

Buyers who consider purchasing used batteries on eBay should be aware that these may not last for a long time as they have been used previously and may be partially drained of power. Even rechargeable batteries may have been used by the seller for some time, and may not hold the charge for as long as a new battery.

Seller's Feedback

Looking at the feedback of a seller is a good indication of the type of service that the seller offers on eBay. Feedback is left by other buyers once the transaction has been completed. The feedback that is left can be positive, negative, or neutral. It is based on several parts of the transaction including the listing, postage and packaging, and communication between the seller and the buyer. Sellers who have sold many AAA batteries and have received positive feedback are likely to be a good option for a potential buyer.

Seller's Refund Policy

It is always advisable to look carefully at the seller's refund policy when purchasing AAA batteries on eBay. Buyers may find that they have purchased the incorrect size of battery, or the wrong type and wish to return the goods for a refund or an exchange of item. Most sellers are happy to do this for their customers, although they may expect the buyer to pay the postage and packaging costs for returning the item. The refund policy of the seller can be found on the item description page. If the information is not present, then contact the seller directly ask the seller any particular questions regarding any information that can not be found within the displayed listing.


AAA batteries are required for all kinds of devices, including remote controls, alarm clocks, children's toys, gamepads, and MP3 players. There are both rechargeable and disposable models available. Rechargeable batteries are better for the environment, as they produce far less landfill waste and fewer harmful chemicals. Disposable batteries are initially considerable less expensive than rechargeable ones, although they have to be replaced more frequently, so eventually cost more.

Some types, such as lithium AAA batteries, have a very long shelf life and are suited to low drain devices such as remote controls. They are popular for outdoor activities as they are lightweight and perform well in very cold temperatures. Other types, such as nickel-metal hydride AAA batteries are popular for high drain devices, but do not perform well in cold temperatures. eBay offers AAA batteries at great prices, and gives buyer a wide choice, enabling them to find the best performing battery for their devices. The website is easy to use, and full of useful tools to make shopping on eBay simple and straightforward.

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